CovertSwarm / Offensive Security tailored to your unique needs

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionHybrid


You’re just one click away from your best form of defence.

The CovertSwarm Portal creates a unique experience, which combines the accessibility of an easy-to-use SaaS solution and tailored client communication with our team of internal security experts.

Starting with a simple sign-up and onboarding process, through the portal users can access targeted insights related to their organisation from the latest security tooling and then direct our Swarm to dig deeper and see what a hacker could do with this data.

Our simple user experience allows clients to:

– Get set up and start extracting insights within a few clicks
– Interact with a dashboard showing the latest relevant information
– Auto-discover or manually add assets
– Schedule various automations to run when they want
– View and interact with vulnerabilities, including sharing these with ticketing systems e.g. Jira
– Creates tasks that you can use with your internal team or share with the Swarm
– Ability to add extensive filters across the portal to meet individual user needs

As clients grow their security operations the Portal can scale to meet their unique demands

Key Capabilities / Features

- Get set up on the portal within a few clicks and have insights immediately available when you first log in.

- Large range of security automations which can be manually run or scheduled across all your assets

- Human-generated attack map to clearly show how an attacker could infiltrate and exploit your environment

- Threat alerts curated by our team of internal experts. These are updated based on the latest industry updates, including exploitability and patching.

- Filterable and drill-down dashboards to allow clients to get the latest information on their organisation in one place

- Direct communication with our team of security experts through the portal directly or through a source which meets your needs

- Ability to segment data as a single business or across your business units.

How we are different

- The CovertSwarm Portal delivers a unique context-aware experience by combining advanced security technology with insights from our experts. This personalised approach ensures actionable insights are tailored to each of our client's specific cybersecurity needs and environment.

- Setting up with the CovertSwarm Portal is seamless, supported by comprehensive onboarding guides and tasks that ensure immediate value extraction. As security operations evolve, the Portal effortlessly scales to meet growing demands, offering a user-friendly and adaptable platform.

- Clients gain instant access to valuable insights and a range of security automations through the CovertSwarm Portal post-setup. These automations can be manually executed or scheduled across all assets, enhancing security operations' efficiency. Additionally, the Portal features a bespoke human-generated attack map that visualises potential attack paths and vulnerabilities, providing a detailed understanding of the organisation's attack surface.