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Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


For more than a decade, CrowdStrike has taken on the world’s toughest cybercriminals, hacktivists and nation-state actors – and won. How? By providing security that, at the end of the day, actually works. CrowdStrike has a simple but powerful mission – to stop breaches.

Because of this, CrowdStrike continues to revolutionize and transform the cybersecurity industry. Our founding vision was to become the Salesforce of security, and we then became the first to bring a cloud-native platform to security. We did so by pioneering a true cybersecurity platform. We pioneered threat intelligence and were the first to bring it into a cybersecurity platform. And we didn’t stop there. We pioneered endpoint detection and response, threat hunting, Indicators of Attack and other cutting-edge innovations – all within that very same platform. Our AI-powered, cloud-native, single lightweight agent platform approach is the undisputed recipe for success for doing the one thing customers care about better than anyone else: stopping breaches.

The market has responded in kind to the hottest cybersecurity company in the world. CrowdStrike has been named the standout leader by Gartner, Forrester, MITRE and other leading analyst firms. We have also been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for bringing the first pure-play generative AI to cybersecurity, and we are consistently listed as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.

With a combination you won’t find from any other security company on the market, the Falcon platform, threat intelligence and hunting teams, and managed services empower CrowdStrike to defend freedom, liberty and democracy around the world. Our laser-focused mission of stopping breaches for our customers enables them to focus on what matters most: running their business. CrowdStrike’s generational contribution to cybersecurity goes beyond technology: It’s the power of the crowd – CrowdStrike is cybersecurity’s community.

How we are different

- CrowdStrike provides the de facto cybersecurity platform of choice with its novel, AI-powered, cloud-native, single agent approach. CrowdStrike’s built-by-design architecture requires no integration, no bolted-on products and no stitched-together “platformization” – unlike other cybersecurity vendors. According to a recent IDC white paper “The Business Value of the CrowdStrike Falcon XDR Platform,” the Falcon platform is a game-changer for cybersecurity teams, delivering $6 return for every $1 invested, the ability to detect 96% more threats in half the time and the speed to conduct investigations 66% faster than their previous solutions — ultimately stopping breaches and saving both time and money.

- CrowdStrike does what it says it will do: stops the breach. In the recent MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Enterprise evaluation, the Falcon platform achieved 100% coverage scores across protection, visibility, and analytic detections. This is an industry first. No other competitor has ever achieved this on any previous evaluation.

- The Falcon platform is the standalone winner in customer satisfaction. CrowdStrike received 100% willingness to recommend in Cloud Security Posture Management and is the only overall Customers’ Choice in External Attack Surface Management and Vulnerability Management in the Gartner Voice of the Customer reports. Customer satisfaction leads to exponential growth – CrowdStrike is the fastest and only pure play cybersecurity software vendor in history to surpass $3 billion in ending ARR.