CrowdStrike Falcon

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon™ streamlines cloud security posture management across the application development lifecycle for any cloud, enabling you to securely deploy applications in the cloud with greater speed and efficiency. The cloud-native CrowdStrike Falcon® platform provides visibility into your entire cloud infrastructure, continuous monitoring for misconfigurations and proactive threat detection — allowing DevSecOps teams to fix issues faster and be more productive.

Key benefits include:
– Provides complete multi-cloud visibility with a single source of truth for cloud resources
– Prevents cloud misconfigurations and application vulnerabilities automatically
– Assesses the security of cloud accounts and eliminates compliance violations
– Reduces alert fatigue and accelerates incident response
– Improves code quality and shortens release cycle times
– Delivers agentless cloud-native protection

Key features/capabilities include:

– Unifies visibility and security enforcement across multi-cloud and on-premises environments in a single cloud-native solution.
– Provides single source of truth with visibility into everything
– Simplifies management and security policy enforcement
– Monitors the control plane and identifies unprotected resources

– Continuously monitors compliance
– Assesses for CIS benchmarks
– Ensures audit-ready compliance
– Eliminates compliance violations

– Accelerates response
– Identifies malicious activity with confidence scoring and prioritization
– Integrates cloud indicators of attack (IOAs) with threat intelligence
– Benefits from continuous control plane threat detection
– Enables self-service threat hunting

– Continuously monitors compliance
– Assesses for CIS benchmarks
– Ensures audit-ready compliance
– Eliminates compliance violations:

– Improves decision making
– Integrates at the speed of DevOps
– Fuels business performance

How we are different

- Unifies visibility and control across multi-cloud environments: Falcon Horizon delivers continuous discovery and visibility of cloud-native assets, providing valuable context and insights into the overall security posture and the actions required to prevent potential security incidents.
- Prevents cloud misconfigurations and eliminates compliance violations: Falcon Horizon provides intelligent monitoring of cloud resources to proactively detect misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and security threats, along with guided remediation to resolve security risks and enable developers with guardrails to avoid costly mistakes and ensure compliance across multi-cloud environments.
- Reduces alert fatigue with targeted threat detection: Falcon Horizon continuously monitors for anomalies and suspicious activity, and integrates seamlessly with SIEM solutions, enabling security teams to gain visibility, prioritize threats, reduce alert fatigue by eliminating noise, and respond and fix issues faster