CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security

Additional Info

Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


As more organizations move operations to the cloud, adversaries are developing skills to exploit gaps in protection that stitched-together platforms and cloud point products create. The modern workplace demands a unified cloud security platform. CrowdStrike has set the standard for modern cloud security, delivering the most complete cloud protection in the industry. With CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security, CrowdStrike delivers the first native single agent and agentless cloud security solution from code development to runtime cloud protection.

CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security protects the entire cloud estate with integrated cloud workload protection (CWP), cloud security posture management (CSPM), cloud identity entitlement management (CIEM), application security posture management (ASPM), and soon data security posture management (DSPM) will deliver complete visibility and protection from from code, to application, to device and cloud.

Key Capabilities / Features

CrowdStrike built the first native single agent and agentless cloud security solution - we’ve taken cloud security beyond CSPM to include: CIEM for securing cloud identities; ASPM for locating, controlling and securing cloud applications; CWP to stop malicious behavior and breaches; and soon we’ll secure the cloud data itself that flows in and out of the cloud.

CrowdStrike stops cloud breaches with:
- Deep cloud visibility: Discover, prioritize and correlate everything across multi-cloud estates and apps in real time while staying compliant with the latest regulations and security benchmarks.
- Seamless remediation of threats: Stop breaches across endpoint and cloud runtime environments, including automated discovery and protection of all workloads with a single click.
- Improved the efficiency of developers and security teams: Simplify your development processes by integrating security earlier in the app development lifecycle, catching production issues before they escalate.

Falcon Cloud Security consolidates the number of bespoke tools from other vendors required to prevent cloud threats, and as a result, customers have seen:
- $380K in savings on average per year
- 89% faster detection & response
- 8x performance increase managing security incidents
- 100x reduction in false positives
- 784 hours per year saved not responding to cloud incidents

(Individual results may vary based on a customer's module deployment and environment.)

How we are different

Traditional approaches to cloud security stitch together disparate products through acquisition or leverage partner integrations to augment their product’s shortcomings. They often require multiple consoles, agents, and tools for various cloud deployments and workloads which create gaps that adversaries can easily exploit. CrowdStrike, the pioneer of cloud-native cybersecurity, was born in the cloud to protect the cloud and offers the most comprehensive cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) in the industry today.
- Falcon Cloud Security enables customers to consolidate cloud point solutions and gain complete visibility and protection of their entire cloud estate, spanning cloud workload protection, cloud security posture management, cloud infrastructure entitlement management, application security posture management, and data security posture management.
- Falcon Cloud Security is the only unified agent and agentless platform for code to cloud protection, integrating pre-runtime, runtime protection, and agentless technology in a single platform.
- CrowdStrike’s CNAPP is also powered by the world’s #1 threat intel and is the first and only CNAPP solution that offers end-to-end 24/7 MDR, threat hunting, and incident response services for the cloud. No other CNAPP vendor has the breadth of services.