CrowdStrike Falcon Data Protection

Additional Info

Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Today, security teams struggle with their legacy DLP tools that are difficult to deploy, complex to manage and unable to comprehensively track data in the modern cloud and AI era. As a result, many security teams are operating their DLP tools in monitor-mode which is putting their organization at risk by not having the visibility and protection needed to stop data theft.

As the “easy button” for data protection, CrowdStrike Falcon Data Protection provides security teams a modern DLP solution with the speed of deployment, ease of operation and comprehensive visibility they need to prevent adversary exfiltration and accidental data leakage.

Falcon Data Protection harnesses the power of the world-renowned Falcon XDR platform enabling enterprises to:

– Deploy data protection immediately and effortlessly. With CrowdStrike’s revolutionary, lightweight agent, users can deploy Falcon Data Protection with a click of a button and with no reboots required.
– Gain full visibility of data flows to eliminate blind spots. Falcon Data Protection provides comprehensive visibility of all data flows across the enterprise to give security teams full understanding of both known and unknown egresses.
– Save security analysts time and resources. Security analysts will greatly benefit from Falcon Data Protection’s single console and unified workflow to accelerate detection, investigation and response to potential data theft.

Key Capabilities / Features

Key features of Falcon Data Protection include:

- Instant data protection: With CrowdStrike’s revolutionary, lightweight agent, users can deploy Falcon Data Protection with a click of a button and with nearly zero configuration requirements.

- Unified Visibility: Users can eliminate blind spots and save time by getting full visibility across endpoints, identities and data through a single console in the Falcon XDR platform.

- Similarity detection: With this unique capability, users can identify unique features within data and trace it back to its original source, even if it is copied, pasted or uploaded to web locations like email, cloud drives and GenAI tools, and to USB drives. This enables security teams to stop data theft with dynamic data protection policies that automatically follow content even if the data changes significantly before leaving the endpoint.

- Data classification: With Falcon Data Protection, users can easily define nuanced classifications based on a combination of content patterns, web sources, file types, Microsoft sensitivity labels and more to accurately detect data theft.

How we are different

What sets CrowdStrike Falcon Data Protection apart from legacy DLP point products is its ability to dramatically simplify the DLP experience for security teams through the use of a unified console and single, lightweight agent found in the industry-leading CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform. No other DLP point product on the market today provides this level of speed of deployment, ease of operation and comprehensive visibility of data flows that Falcon Data Protection offers to organizations.

Falcon Data Protection helps organization protects their sensitive data with:

- Unified Data Protection, Deployed in Minutes: With Falcon Data Protection, enterprises can deploy data protection immediately from their existing Falcon agent to consolidate legacy DLP point products, reduce complexity and gain instant time to value.

- Single Console for Unified Visibility: The CrowdStrike Falcon console acts as a single threat interface, providing a unified view of threats correlated across endpoints, data and more. Now, users have a singular view into their data flows across their organization, allowing them to accelerate detection, investigation and response of potential data theft. One customer said, “CrowdStrike’s unified platform approach made it super easy for us to navigate from endpoint incidents to data protection incidents, within the same console to detect unauthorized data exfiltration.”

- Data Protection for Today's AI and Cloud Era: To help organizations confidently adopt new AI technologies, CrowdStrike recently added new innovations to Falcon Data Protection such as giving users the ability to stop data leakage when sensitive data is copied, pasted or uploaded to web-based commercial Generative AI tools.