CryptoComply + RapidCert by SafeLogic

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Innovation is in SafeLogic’s DNA. We were established with the singular goal of accelerating FIPS 140 validation for encryption, an achievement that revolutionized the compliance industry. Most notably, our strategies have allowed vendors in the Defense Industrial Base to sell and deploy their best, newest, bleeding edge technology to the U.S. Government. In the past, it was a foregone conclusion that 12-18 months of testing would sideline those products until they were no longer at the forefront of the innovation spectrum. Other nations, including our adversaries, has mechanisms to fast-track technology when it was needed, but we did not… until now. SafeLogic’s tandem solution, combining the CryptoComply module and RapidCert service, slashes the FIPS validation effort to less than 8 weeks, and it’s usually completed in parallel with the contracting process, so products are approved and ready to deploy on Day 1.

SafeLogic enables the absolute best ideas to become reality for the U.S. military and civilian agencies without any compromise on compliance. This is what innovation looks like in 2021.

How we are different

- SafeLogic has helped vendors like Zscaler, Okta, Trend Micro and many others get their latest products into deployment with Federal agencies. Innovation no longer sits on the sideline while compliance checkmarks catch up!
- Traditionally, even vulnerability patching could trigger a revalidation and cause a vendor to wait 12-18 months to become eligible for redeployment. That's no longer the case for SafeLogic partners. We enable them to keep their products up-to-date, a huge win for both the vendor and the Federal agency.
- SafeLogic is constantly adding support for new form factors and architectures to widen the availability and compatibility of our products and solutions so more companies can reap the benefits of our strategies.