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Company size (employees)1 to 9
Type of solutionHybrid

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

*. CryptoPhoto is equivalent to LoA3 assurance strength: that is 2 levels stronger than competing products.

*. Our solution protects even ordinary end users, without needing training, and works properly for unsophisticated and unmotivated users too.

*. Our most important aspects are speed and ease-of-use: we are much faster and easier to use than all competitors, and also faster to set up for users (by as much as 10 times faster in both situations): Security that does not get used protects nobody - which is why "fast and easy" is the most important!

Brief Overview

CryptoPhoto offers High-security Login and Transaction-Signing that’s fast, easy, and suitable for everyday use to keep ordinary people secure.

It is a mutual-authentication solution that’s faster than passwords, two assurance levels stronger (LoA3) than 2FA, privacy-respectful, works for online, over-the-phone, headless (IoT/server/remote), and in-person mutual-authentication, and works with and without smartphones/tablets.

We prevent phishing, malware, social-engineering, MitM attacks and more, without needing user training.

Our identity-separation architecture protects against serverside breakin. Our out-of-band transaction signing offers non-repudiation, supports multiparty approvals, and our rich 2-way event responses work for any secure action confirmations needed (e.g. malware prevention in banking, ICS/SCADA, cloud, etc).

The most important aspect of our solution is that it’s very fast (typically takes a mere few seconds – faster than typing a password), and very easy (everyone can work it out without training: it takes just 1 tap). Almost all competing multi-factor authentication solutions typically slow the user experience down so much, that almost all adoption goes to great lengths to try and AVOID USING IT (technical term: “step up”). CryptoPhoto is different: it is suitable for regular use – there is no need to risk user security for convenience with our solution.

We make high-security fast, easy, and foolproof. Those concepts don’t exist together anywhere else in our industry.