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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


CUJO AI offers an integrated platform for fixed network, mobile, and public Wi-Fi operators to deliver Digital Life Protection services, network, and device intelligence capabilities.

CUJO AI is used by network operators around the world to create a comprehensive and scalable security service that protects all the devices within a customer’s premises. It monitors, quantifies, and reacts to security threats across the entire customer network and all device types. Machine learning is key to processing the vast quantity of real-time data to get insights and create a secure environment, protecting against brand new (zero-day) attacks.

CUJO AI is now covering nearly 2 billion devices in North America, the largest inventory of devices in the world, with the broadest ability to detect, categorize and protect.

The CUJO AI software works on the broadband gateway and in the cloud. The main advantage of this network-level-based privacy solution is that no additional end-point software is required to protect private information across the broad spectrum of network-attached devices, including consumer IoT devices.

How we are different

1. Future-proof technology

CUJO AI features are based on a core set of technologies that leverage AI and ML analysis for real-time detection of previously unknown threats and threat intelligence for known threats. Instead of relying solely on a library of existing attack pattern signatures, CUJO AI actively learns from network traffic and device behavior to mitigate ever-evolving threat vectors. This means that operators can provide integrated enterprise-grade security services to their customers within their home networks.

Accessing information on how consumers and businesses utilize their networks and broadband Internet access has been extremely difficult for operators. No solution until now has been able to provide a granular, dynamic and accurate view of what happens past the service gateway, into the local network. 

AI-based device identification is also qualitatively different from other solutions offered by end-point vendors or data brokers. Legacy methods can, at best, identify the device type and manufacturer. CUJO AI uses machine learning algorithms to identify devices from connection metadata. ML allows for extremely precise device identification, down to the OS version of a device. CUJO AI Explorer owes its success to the size and quality of our dataset, which includes connectivity patterns for over 50,000 of unique device models in use.

Device identities are key for large telecom network management, as well as threat detection: device characteristics allow customer care agents to have a better understanding of any customer issue, device capabilities are used to dynamically manage connection capacity, and increased security from detecting unusual behavior (e.g., IoT sensors participating in DOS attacks).

CUJO AI works irrespective of the network operator’s hardware: the solution is extremely flexible, and our team has proven deployments with all major OEMs of CPE. Furthermore, the service deployment has no noticeable effect on the connected experience for end-users, as the agent runs in the background with full operator-owned cloud integration.

2. Highest scale deployments

The speed and precision of ML models improve with access to more data, and the extremely large scale of CUJO AI ensures it has the highest precision, security, and privacy protection in the market. As of today, CUJO AI covers nearly 2 billion connected devices. The company is trusted by some of the largest network operators in the world, including Comcast (behind Xfinity Xfi Advanced Security), and Charter (Spectrum's Security Shield), and more.

3. Thought leadership

In 2018, CUJO AI was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Tech Pioneer. In 2020, the company joined the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community to actively participate in this select group of the world’s most promising scale-ups at the forefront of technological and business model innovation. In January 2021, CUJO AI joined the Global AI Action Alliance, harnessing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence by accelerating the adoption of trusted, transparent, and inclusive AI systems globally.

The World Economic Forum has unrivaled experience and expertise in bringing together leaders from its communities, allowing for year-round engagement opportunities and interactions that span industry sectors, academic disciplines, and geographies.

To this day, CUJO AI has contributed to a number of World Economic Forum's projects and published numerous publications. More: