CUJO AI Digital Life Protection

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CompanyCUJO AI
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


As the pandemic swept the world and companies were forced to send people to work from home, consumer networks were targeted with increased frequency by malicious actors. Our Security Labs carefully observed home network threats during the pandemic and witnessed immense growth in remote access attacks.

Our AI Engine is uniquely built on billions of real-world data points. What makes it future-proof, is that it effectively detects and blocks malicious activity by unobtrusively observing how data moves in the network rather than inspecting the data itself, respecting privacy while keeping its effectiveness intact across encrypted traffic.

CUJO AI prevented millions of these attempts during the pandemic and worked with network operators to make security easy for their end-users. Network operators (Comcast, Charter, Telus – just to name a few), who already have integrated CUJO AI Digital Life Protection services within their offering, provided solid protection against such threats. Our multilayered cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions are powered by AI; thus, our algorithms are one step ahead of most types of attacks against the network. CUJO AI enables network operators to make connected experiences easy and safe, no matter the challenges we face.

For the operators, CUJO AI platform helps reduce customer churn, decrease costs, and increase new technology adoption rate, as well as solve emerging issues, such as MAC address randomization in late 2020. With CUJO AI, Network Operators have an opportunity to develop and launch AI-based solutions, leverage the computing power of the cloud and the low latency nature of the broadband network that integrates with the home router. CUJO Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform can protect & empower all connected home devices.

CUJO AI is the definitive cybersecurity solution for future connectivity that protects every device by utilizing the most advanced AI-driven solutions and scalable deployment capabilities.

How we are different

1. Precise Device Detection

CUJO AI's advanced set of ML algorithms can detect, identify and classify connected devices based on connectivity data. CUJO AI helps operators transition into data-driven and customer-centric organizations while improving the in-home experience for their broadband customers.

Device detection and identification is at the core of next-generation IoT security within home networks. CUJO AI’s device intelligence solution offers a proven multi-layer approach to endpoint security: any device that connects to the secure gateway router is automatically detected, identified, classified, and protected in real-time.

Currently, CUJO AI can identify and classify over 95% of devices within 24 hours with an exceptional degree of accuracy by relying solely on connection metadata. This helps network operators to inventory the devices on their network while protecting end-user privacy and allowing CUJO AI to tune the security solution to offer the best protection for each device.

CUJO AI features are based on a core set of technologies that leverage AI and ML analysis for real-time detection of previously unknown threats and threat intelligence for known threats. Instead of relying solely on a library of existing attack pattern signatures, CUJO AI actively learns from network traffic and device behavior to mitigate ever-evolving threat vectors. This means that operators can provide integrated enterprise-grade security services to their customers within their home networks.

2. Next-Gen End-User Protection

The speed and precision of ML models improve with access to more data, and the extremely large scale of CUJO AI ensures it has the highest precision, security, and privacy protection in the market. What makes these AI models effective in the fast-changing threat landscape is their continuous retraining with fresh, real-world data from CUJO AI’s huge customer base. Both supervised and unsupervised ML models are trained using these vast amounts of data to improve their protective capacity.