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Company size (employees)10
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Cybellum managed to solve the Zero-day problem deterministically, providing the market with a game-changing product.

Cybellum’s approach creates a direct solution to cyber problems eliminating the cat and mouse game between the adversary and the organization.

The whole platform and solution is guided by the lack of cybersecurity experts that are needed to maintain and operate organizational cybersecurity platforms, which creates the first fully automatic prevention and forensics system.

How we are different

Cybellum is the first Deterministic Zero-Day Prevention Platform™ that eliminates unknown threats with First-Step Threat Protection™ resulting in absolute prevention with no false positives and simplified security management.

Memory corruptions are the technological cause of Zero-day attacks. With our First-Step Threat Protection™ approach, we are able to solve the Zero-day problem Deterministically vs behavioral, machine learning or signature-based solutions that are unable to prevent infections with the same success.

Cybellum is easily set-up with the ability to choose how and where the platform should be deployed and which systems you need to integrate with. Our platform gives fully automatic forensics and visibility into each incident without the need for cyber experts to operate it.