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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Enterprises globally turn to CyberArk to help protect against the constant stream of cyberattacks targeting both human and machine identities. The compromise of identity and related exploitation of trusted access and processes is the common thread tying high-profile breaches such as Colonial Pipeline, Kaseya, and Verkada, and organizations continue to experience a massive identity sprawl that expands the attack surface, leaving them vulnerable.

CyberArk is a global leader in Identity Security, helping more than 7,000 of the world’s leading organizations defend against cyberattacks and enable their digital business via the industry’s most comprehensive Identity Security platform. CyberArk is differentiated by delivering an innovative platform, centered on privileged access management, that takes a security-first approach to mitigating cybersecurity risk. The company’s rapidly growing SaaS-based product portfolio and investment in its shared service platform helps organizations to deploy Identity Security solutions faster and more efficiently. Operationally, the company is undergoing a rapid transformation to ensure it is well-positioned to continue to meet evolving customer needs and security investment preferences, with the goal of achieving 85 percent of revenue from subscription by the end of 2022. CyberArk meets customers where they are in their journey to improve their security, while never losing site of its commitment to delivering best-in-class services and support experiences.

Serving more than 50 percent of the Fortune 500, CyberArk helps organizations secure access to critical business data and infrastructure, support a distributed workforce, accelerate business in the cloud, protect the DevOps pipeline and drive trusted customer experiences, all from one central platform. Only CyberArk’s API and standards-led design allows easy integration with hundreds of third-party applications to help customers maximize existing security investments and drive effective defense-in-depth strategies.

How we are different

-Deep Security Expertise and Industry Research: To protect against emerging threats, CyberArk heavily invests in R&D and threat intelligence. This includes CyberArk Labs and CyberArk’s Red Team, two teams of white hat hackers and researchers that work to test and identify vulnerabilities in cloud and hybrid environments, DevOps pipelines and processes so organizations can optimize their solutions and improve protection against new and emerging security threats. Both teams continue to lead the industry in improving customer security and making the global community safer as a whole. CyberArk Labs’ most recent impactful research includes the discovery of a vulnerability that would allow an attacker to bypass the biometric authentication of any Windows Hello enabled device. Similarly, in the past year, CyberArk Red Team experienced a spike in MFA bypassing adversarial simulation requests from customer organizations around the world, illustrating the continued importance of the seemingly most basic yet vital security controls.
-Product leadership: In the past year, CyberArk has introduced product innovation across its Identity Security Platform, including the launch of CyberArk Identity Secure Web Sessions. Cloud-based Secure Web Sessions enables organizations to record and protect user web application sessions, while continuously authenticating users during sensitive sessions. Continued enhancements to Cloud Entitlements Manager reduces risk of over-permissioned accounts in multi-cloud environments. The company has unveiled an ambitious product roadmap with key initiatives for least privilege and just-in-time controls across the privileged access management, DevSecOps and access management pillars that serve as the foundation of its Identity Security Platform.
-Market leadership: Recognized by major industry analyst reports, including "The Forrester Wave™: Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) For Enterprise”, Gartner Magic Quadrants for Access Management and Privileged Access Management and KuppingerCole Analysts 2021 “Leadership Compass: Privileged Access Management” report.