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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Cyberbit Ltd.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• Most deployed cyber range platform – As the world's most deployed cyber range platform, Cyberbit Range is part of the global effort to bridge the cybersecurity skill gap. Enterprises, governments and academic institutions around the world are building cyber training centers on the Cyberbit Range platform to train new cyber defenders and keep their skill sharp.

• Hyper-realistic simulation trains cyber defenders like fighter pilots – The cyber battlefield is highly complex and dangerous arena. No amount of classroom training can prepare analysts to respond to a real-life attack. The most effective way to prepare SOC analysts to operate a real breach is to let them experience the real thing in a safe learning environment. The Cyberbit Range creates realistic simulations of any network and attack scenario, so every member of the SOC team is as skilled and experienced as a fighter pilot on their first mission.

• Test and verify security posture – No matter how good your defense is or how well you prepare to respond, you never really know how good your organization's security posture really is. The simulation capabilities of Cyberbit Range can also be used to simulate real attacks to test the real impact of an organizations security tools, measure and assess existing procedures, and verify security tools will detect the next attack.

Brief Overview

Just as fighter pilots train on flight simulators to develop highly complex skills they will need to perform perfectly in battle, now cybersecurity professionals can get the same kind of training to prepare them for battle against cyber breaches. The more realistic the training experience, the more likely they will operate correctly under pressure. But strangely, cybersecurity professionals are still trained primarily in classroom settings and most analysts deployed to the frontline have never experienced a real breach.

Cyberbit draws on over 15 years of experience developing combat flight simulators for the Israeli Air Force, to develop the world’s first hyper-realistic cyber-security simulator – Cyberbit Range.

Cyberbit Range offers:

– Real-life training experience that accurately replicates network settings, traffic and evolving threats and lets trainees respond using the same security tools deployed in their SOC.

– Dynamic and customizable attack scenarios. Customers can use predefined settings and scenarios or customize their networks and attack scenarios.

– Fully automated training sessions and simulation scenarios, with auto-injection of attack traffic and threat scenarios.

– Realistic traffic generator simulates normal traffic to enhace the scenario and generate the typical “noise”.

– Comprehensive attack generator makes it easy to create any attack scenario, based on a toolset that includes hundreds of building blocks.

– IT and OT network training and simulation with physical OT hardware that integrates with a simulated IT and SCADA environment, and with out-of-the-box networks, scenarios and threat vectors.

– Real-time view and monitoring of the whole training session allows instructors to write remarks, take control of trainees’ workstations, track goals and score performance.

– Safe testing environment for evaluating network security architecture, assessing vulnerability, tools testing and POCs.

– Individual and team training on new threat scenarios, new and existing tools, playbooks and decision making.