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Company size (employees)100 - 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Cybereason formally launched at RSA 2014. Fueled by the strength of its product and the pedigree of its founders (all veterans of the IDF’s elite cyber corps, Unit 8200), Cybereason rose above a large and noisy pack of threat detection start-ups to become one of the preeminent companies in its space.

Due to their military background, Cybereason’s founders have extensive operational experience dealing with nation-state APTs. They wanted to leverage their expertise by delivering technology that would level a playing field in which hackers had long held the advantage.

They built a a platform that detected attacks in real time and enabled security teams to thoroughly and permanently shut them down. It built its platform completely from scratch – from the underlying graph database to the machine learning algorithms, the Cybereason Platform was purpose built for automated threat hunting. In addition to its unique technology, Cybereason advocated what they call a “post breach” mindset, encouraging companies to accept the fact they will be will be breached and focus on finding attacks already in play.

Cybereason’s approach has resonated with its large enterprise customers. Two of its customers – Lockheed Martin and Softbank – invested in Cybereason and helped accelerate its growth and market penetration (see our “Fastest Growing Company Submission).

Between Jan 1, 2016 and now, Cybereason has expanded its customer base from one continent to four, expanded its headcount from 50 to 200 (and is still hiring), has quadrupled revenues, more than quadrupled its customer roster, moved it’s corporate headquarters to one of Boston’s most iconic buildings, the John Hancock Tower, been named “Best Place to Work” by the Boston Business Journal and has won numerous awards from the security and tech trades. Hopefully you agree it deserves recognition for its achievements.

How we are different

• For hacking traditional funding models by getting large customers to invest and partner with it, fueling its exponential growth

• For evangelizing that for security teams to be successful against today's threats, they need to do more than deploy new technologies, they need to change the way they think.

• For bringing to market military-grade, real time threat detection technology that is easy to use and enables security analysts to take complex cyber security scenarios and terminology and present them in a way non-experts can understand.