CyberProof’s Smarter SOC offers proactive detection and intelligent automation to intelligently manage our customers’ incident detection and response requirements

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


CyberProof was ranked a Leader in Forrester’s independent research report of top midsize MSSPs (see: CyberProof’s unique capabilities include:
• REDUCED REMEDIATION COSTS – Through continuous scanning, breach and attack simulations, and red teaming, we proactively identify and manage cyber risks and vulnerabilities.
• GREATER VISIBILITY WITH SEEMO VIRTUAL ANALYST – SeeMo automates alert enrichment, incident prioritization, and digital playbook responses so customers detect and recover fast
• COLLABORATING WITH NATION-STATE EXPERTS – CyberProof brings together stakeholders and domain experts to collaboratively solve complex issues. Armed with artificial intelligence and ChatOps communication, our security experts quickly detect and remediate detected risks with full transparency.
CyberProof partners with our customers to extend their incident detection and response capabilities to create a smarter SOC. We combine security automation with human expertise to continuously improve detection and response processes, based on the most likely attack scenarios. This dramatically reduces the cost and time needed to respond to security threats and minimize business impact.
Unlike other legacy Managed Security Service Providers, CyberProof combines a cloud-native security orchestration, automation & response platform with nation-state level experts and a hybrid delivery model to continuously improve our customers’ security operations.
SeeMo (our virtual analyst) – together with our cyber experts – automates and accelerates cyber operations by learning and adapting from endless sources of data and responds to requests by providing context and actionable information. This allows our nation-state cyber experts to prioritize the most urgent incidents and proactively identify and respond to potential threats.

How we are different

• CyberProof CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVES DEFENSES and reduces detection and response times by leveraging continuous attack surface mapping, vulnerability & threat intelligence, and automated response playbooks.
• CyberProof provides VISIBILITY INTO WHAT MATTERS by bringing together multiple tools into a single pane of glass view and using our virtual analyst SeeMo to continuously enrich alerts and prioritize incidents.
• CyberProof brings together stakeholders and domain experts to COLLABORATIVELY SOLVE COMPLEX ISSUES using our ChatOps platform and hybrid engagement model.