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Opting not to focus on the latest headline-grabbing attacks, the Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast analyzes broader issues in cybersecurity from individuals that directly and indirectly work in the cybersecurity industry. This is why founders, executives, lawyers, investors, professors, students, journalists, and policy makers are given an equal voice alongside traditional cybersecurity professionals.

Guests are selected not just because they’re experts in their fields, but because they have unique insights and are passionate about sharing those insights. As such, the content is a raw, unfiltered experience designed to give a voice to topics that are sometimes contrarian, often in the cybersecurity periphery, and always educational and entertaining. When the podcast started in 2018, only seven episodes were aired. In 2019 25, episodes were made available. This year, 2020, there are already over 40 episodes recorded.

The Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast has become an amazing resource for women in cybersecurity. In fact, 100% of the 40+ audio podcasts already recorded for 2020 release are with women in cybersecurity. To promote diversity, several universities link to the Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast. Through the podcast, these universities are able to demonstrate opportunities for women in cybersecurity as well as what women are accomplishing, focusing on, and changing in the industry. These guests that are women aren’t talking about what it’s like being a woman in cybersecurity, they are talking about critical issues in cybersecurity, and they just happen to be women.

How we are different

Topics: The Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast addresses a wide range of topics from pacemaker hacking and car hacking, deception, and cyber bullying to experimental psychology in cybersecurity, analyzing what it takes to be successful in cybersecurity, mental health issues amongst cybersecurity professionals, and many others.

Guests: Real world experts, from around the globe, with a variety of cybersecurity backgrounds, speak openly about cybersecurity topics they’re passionate about. These guests include red and blue teams, researchers, reverse engineers, CEOs, CTOs, CISOs, lawyers, venture capitalists, government officials, professors, and journalist. Some notable guests include William Crowell, former Deputy Director of the NSA, Dr. Ulf Lindqvist, Technical Director at SRI International, Nick Anderson, Deputy Assistant Secretary at the DOE, Adam Fletcher, CISO at Blackstone, and Steve Lodin, Senior Director Cybersecurity Operations at Sallie Mae.

Women in Cybersecurity: The Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast has hosted over 40 notable women in cybersecurity. This is one of the largest aggregations of cybersecurity podcasts featuring women on the Internet. The podcast hosts women visionaries like: Deneen DeFiore, Parry Aftab, Athena Contos, Ashley Zaya, Lisa Huff, Helen Paton, MacKenzie Brown, Marie Moe, Dr. Chanel Suggs, Kristin Judge, Dr. Meg Layton, Kathleen Moriarty, Cindy Murphy, Eileen Brewer, Masha Sedova, Heather Engel, Lysa Myers, Tammy Hawkins, Kaitlyn Bestenheider, Dr. Ambareen Siraj, Sandra Joyce, Quiessence Phillips, Kelly Jackson-Higgins, Isabel Muench, Monique Morrow, Tiffany Strauchs Rad, Becky Pinkard, Veronica Valeros Saracho, Elena Elkina, Mary Mack, Anita D'Amico, Kim Hakim, Roselle Safran, Siobhan Gorman, Lisa Plaggemier, Amber Schroader, Alexa King, Kyla Guru, Lisa Jiggetts, Mary Haynes, Alex Rutkovitz, Julianne Cox, Neira Jones, Rebecca Herold, and Mari Galloway.