Cybersecurity Pulse™ by Cybersecurity Compliance Corp.

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Company size (employees)1 to 9
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Cybersecurity Compliance Corp. was formed in 2018 by its founders Jeff Dawley and Alex Ostritsky. Jeff is a career finance professional, who has had responsibility for risk and compliance in multiple industries, and Alex has run a leading technology consulting company for three decades, providing fractional CTO services through to hosting and software development. Together, the founders recognized that there was a gap in the cybersecurity marketplace. Most providers have focused on either consulting engagements or bleeding edge, targeted technology solutions, and with a shortage of resources in the industry, costs have continued to escalate. Recognizing there was a communication gap between IT and non-IT decision-makers, and that smaller businesses were being left behind due to escalating costs, Jeff and Alex chose to focus on a framework-based assessment, provided through a user-friendly online interface, and delivering plain-English guidance to businesses so they can understand and improve their cybersecurity resilience.
Cybersecurity Compliance Corp. was a finalist for Business of the Year 2020 with both the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade and the Whitby Chamber of Commerce.

How we are different

Cybersecurity Compliance Corp. was created to address a gap in the marketplace, where traditional consulting engagements are priced beyond the average small business and technology-focused solutions leave gaps in the cybersecurity fabric as they only focus on one particular exposure point. The Cybersecurity Pulse assessment delivers an affordable, complete picture of an organization’s cybersecurity environment, with a roadmap for budget and stage-appropriate improvements.

Cybersecurity is now one of the biggest business risk facing organizations in the world today. The Cybersecurity Pulse assessment takes a lifecycle view of cybersecurity, employs globally-accepted frameworks and customized plain-English scoring to shine a light on any exposure points. The Cybersecurity Pulse solution brings IT managers and non-IT decision-makers together, driving transparency and alignment across the organization.

The team at Cybersecurity Compliance Corp. has dedicated its time and energy to promoting cybersecurity awareness through local, national and international speaking and education engagements, helping businesses and other organizations see a path to improved cybersecurity at a price they can afford and in a language they understand.