Cybersixgill – Continuously Exposing the Earliest Indications of Risk

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionMiddle East
Type of solutionSoftware


The deep and dark web is designed for obscurity, hiding a vast criminal network with illicit transactions equivalent to the world’s third-largest economy. Here is where attacks get planned and the tools to conduct them are bought and sold. But threat intelligence doesn’t penetrate this shadowy network.

Without information or insight into these hidden schemes, security teams make decisions using irrelevant, incomplete, or even obsolete information. Those who do probe the deep and dark web may do so manually, and so may miss important chatter pointing to threats against their enterprise. As every aspect of business operations goes digital, the attack surface expands, making it increasingly difficult to stay current.

In the face of these challenges, using automated threat intelligence tools and processes that scour all the webs becomes ever more critical.

Cybersixgill continuously collects and exposes the earliest indications of risk produced by threat actors moments after they surface on the clear, deep and dark web, delivering critical insights to proactively block threats before they materialize into attacks. Cybersixgill enables customers to leverage its cyber threat intelligence to expose threats, preempt attacks, and streamline defense and remediation activities.
Cybersixgill brings agility to cyber defense, with fully autonomous threat intelligence solutions to help organizations proactively detect and protect against phishing, data leaks, fraud, malware and vulnerability exploitation – enhancing cyber resilience and minimizing risk exposure in real-time. The Investigative Portal provides covert access to threat intel from the deep and dark web, complete with context and actionable insights for remediation. Seamlessly integrated into existing security systems, Darkfeed™ enriches endpoint protection by preemptively blocking malicious IOCs, while CVE insights from the DVE Intelligence™ transform vulnerability management, predicting the immediate risk of vulnerability exploitation based on threat actor intent. Current customers include global enterprises, financial services, MSSPs, government and law enforcement.

How we are different

Cybersixgill uniquely enables customers to leverage its cyber threat intelligence (CTI) in three critical ways:
1. Expose threats: Cybersixgill’s visibility runs deep, covertly infiltrating and scraping data from limited-access underground sources in any format, language or platform, enriching each item with critical context to derive valuable threat intelligence that is timely, accurate, and relevant.
2. Preempt attacks: The company’s collection mechanisms are fully autonomous, capturing emerging threats, TTPs and IOCs in real-time as they first surface, ensuring that users receive the earliest possible intel of potential threats and can take action before they can materialize into an attack.
3. Streamline defense and remediation activities: Cybersixgill tailors its threat intelligence to meet each customer’s needs via APIs, correlating their assets with its data to trigger automated alerts and actionable playbooks, workflows, prioritizations and remediation processes within an organization’s existing security stack.