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CompanyCybertronium Sdn. Bhd.
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionService


Cybertron (formerly known as KALAM) is a cybersecurity education, awareness and collaboration platform that contains :
– Cybersecurity Awareness Platform with tons of awareness videos, Quizzes, Phishing Campaigns, Gamifications, and Training Campaigns.
– 10 Certification Courses – Physical & Online audited under ISO 17024 and ISO 27001
– Exam Portal for Security Certification courses
– Community driven Blogs, Discussion forums, Vulnerability Database management system / Bug bounty programs
– Community based skills validation to Validate individuals on their Security competencies based on the contributions to the community via the platform and grade them in to: Members, Professionals, and Experts.
– Run Security Conferences, and Competitions
– A Career center for Security job opportunities.
– Corporate membership module to Allow companies and agencies and organizations to be part of the ecosystem via a membership program : Member Organizations, and Partner Organizations.
– Corporate Threat Intelligence Feeds from Industries

How we are different

1. Shortage of Manpower with needed Security Skills, Shortage of Security Awareness, and Shortage of local Security Products are the most common challenges faced by every country and Malaysia is not an exception. By creating a vibrant cyber security community with students in colleges and professionals in industry, we believe we can handle all the 3 common shortcomings. Hence, we launched Cybertron ( formerly known as KALAM), a Cyber Security Collaboration Platform & Centre of Excellence with 10 CERTIFICATION courses that are audited under ISO 17024

2. The collaboration platform allows students and the professionals to share their knowledge and at the same time acquire points based on the community feedback with Like Buttons, comments, discussions, blogs and many more avenues. These acquired points are then used to validate the skills of the platform members whether they are Security Members / Security Professionals / Security Experts, thus creating a “community skill set validation platform” for the 1st time in the world. This validation shatters the current way of looking at professionals based on 3 days or 5 days certification courses.

3. The new Awareness module built in the platform allow members to learn and enlighten themselves with tons of security awareness videos, Quizzes, Phishing Campaigns, Gamifications, and Training Campaigns.