CyCraft Technology Corporation

Additional Info

Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionAsia


Founded in 2017, CyCraft’s scalable and user-friendly solution is used by the top banks, government agencies in its home of Taiwan, becoming the market leader in just over one year, and is rapidly expanding throughout Asia with running an office in Tokyo, opening an office in Singapore, and working with sales channel partners worldwide. CyCraft’s solutions also work for manufacturing, finance/fintech/insurance, critical infrastructure, telecoms and energy.

CyCraft’s AIR platform automates SOC operations, forensics, detection and response operations for Fortune Global 500 and national government clients, performing managed detection and response (MDR), incident response (IR), threat hunting and accurate remediation. AIR collects endpoint evidence with Xensor (Next-Generation MDR Endpoint Security System), conducts automated correlation and behavior analysis across all evidence with CyCarrier (AI-Driven Security Operations Center), and validates threats via CyberTotal (Global Threat Intelligence Platform). Altogether, CyCraft’s primary objective is to bring autonomous ROI-efficient cyber resilience solutions to the global stage.

CyCraft brings the next evolution in cybersecurity by doing the analysis for you. Now, with just the click of a button, you can see your entire security situation and know exactly what to do about it. With CyCraft you can respond with a combination of speed, accuracy, and completeness unmatched by any competitor.

How we are different

● Technology Innovation
CyCraft’s competitors offer a partial view into their customers’ cybersecurity environments, CyCraft's offers an end-to-end forensic view and leverages that view into fully actionable response capabilities. Shortens time to detection (by up to 99%), minimizing damage to the organization’s bottom line and reputation by automatically performing a full forensic investigation with commensurate streamlined visualizations of the entire cyber situation complete with MITRE ATT&CK tactic and technique, granting SOCs the ability to hone in on the most important information and see its connections to the total situation to save time and money while gaining in accuracy and understanding.

● AI Automation
Competing vendors still require humans to conduct effective investigation processes, which is where CyCraft asserts its market leadership: it’s AI-led security process shortens automates 70% of SOC operations, reducing investigation timelines from days to minutes – sometimes even seconds, automatically triaging leads from site-wide detection sensors by streaming endpoint evidence to our proprietary innovative AI engine which combines deep, reinforcement, and online learning to draw the connections and paths of every attack. Being able to see the entire interconnected cyber situation replete with threat intel enrichment and fully actionable reporting and response allows SOC teams to operate at a whole new level of thoroughness and efficiency to respond to every kind of cyber threat in record time.

● MITRE ATT&CK 2019 Evaluations
CyCraft is selected to join the second MITRE ATT&CK evaluation against APT 29, Cozy Bear. The CyCarrier AIR platform was designed specifically to defend against advanced persistent threats like Cozy Bear by leveraging ensemble machine learning techniques to classify sophisticated adversarial behavior according to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, enabling defenders to thoroughly understand malicious actions and generate a clear remediation plan in under 60 minutes from first alert.