Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Cylera was founded by three co-founders with a singular vision on new ways to safeguard what matters most – patient care and safety, privacy, security and business continuity.

How we are different

* Our founders' backgrounds and vision come from working carefully and directly with early adopters and hearing what they gave as feedback and product input, and putting those insights into the product. Each have unique and highly relevant education and experience in this field to assist one of the most complex industry sectors - healthcare.

* The company operates in a very open management model, with diversity on every level throughout the employee base. Input such as new ideas, revising our approach, process improvements, etc are possible from anyone at Cylera, even cross-functionally. The leadership also listen closely to our customers' input. This openness and positivity help us to go faster, and deliver stronger, more useful products to help our customers protect their organizations and services - all while preserving good practices and having fun at the same time.

* Our company deliver what it promises and makes sure our customers are progressing toward their needed goals. We do not bring in our product, gain the sale, and walk away - we remain engaged and in process of assisting our customers to succeed.