CymaticONE Client-Side WAF + VADR

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Cymatic
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware

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**65% of organizations experienced attacks‍ that bypassed their WAF last year; 47% don’t expect their WAFs to stop attacks, making Cymatic the transformational solution they need to stop accumulating ancillary products to prop up their WAF investments--an approach that is profitable for vendors but creates vulnerability gaps that allow threat exploits to proliferate.

**Unlike complex network-side technologies that take months to deploy and provide limited risk prevention, Cymatic offers speed, scale, and simplicity. We install in minutes and deliver fully operational session intelligence + protection immediately, providing secure access to critical applications without costly or complex point products, and fitting easily into any web app with a JavaScript snippet to immediately combat threats without agents, network changes, plug-ins, cookies, or other requirements that are corrosive to the customer experience. Our flexible, scalable microservices architecture offers improved foundational security and faster speed to market for new features. We protect against user and device vulnerabilities using advanced behavioral biometrics and real-time BYOD scans to ensure outdated browsers don’t pose a code-injection risk; thwart location-based threats using intelligence from dark web, geolocation, and IP data; provide immediate bot detection and remediation; and continually ingest and learn from user behaviors to maximize device hygiene.

**Cymatic achieves breakthrough results combining client-side WAF defenses with vulnerability, awareness, detection, and response capabilities and preventing attacks from executing (or containing them immediately if they do). Cymatic also provides automated vulnerability detection and response to continuously analyze user and app activity for OWASP Top 10 threats, the CWE Top 25, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST CSF, and SOC2 which it uses to identify and respond to script injections, broken authentication, session compromise, dark web threats, malicious automation, IP threats, and more without admin intervention. Its invisible and frictionless deployment transparently protects users and sessions in real time to improve customer experiences.

Brief Overview

Last year, Gartner analysts wrote that WAF complexity limits innovation and fails to deliver its promise. Cymatic reverses this result by delivering the only client-side WAF with a proprietary vulnerability, awareness, detection, and response (VADR™) engine to provide instant, continuous in-session intelligence around devices and devices.

This seismic market disruption is achieved with three simple words: Click. Click. Done. In fewer than 20 minutes, Cymatic customers get all the benefits of a traditional WAF without the attendant cost, complexity, or compliance shortfalls.

Former loanDepot EVP and CISO Billy Spears remarked, “Cymatic did for us in a few days what we tried to get our WAF to do for 10 years,” after Cymatic helped him meet COVID shelter-in-place requirements. CymaticONE + VADR deployed over a single line of JavaScript and integrated into loanDepot’s enterprise Citrix environment virtually, providing thousands of newly remote workers secure access to 28 million confidential records and other critical business applications without downtime or user friction.

Click. Click. Done. means attacks stealing credit card data from form fills are instantly blocked at the browser–a breakthrough for the 98% of websites that use forms to collect data.

Click. Click. Done. means behavioral risk assessments inform playbooks for compliance adherence and standardized vulnerability protection to combat OWASP Top 10, CWE Top 25, and more.

Click. Click. Done. means universal visibility and control for first-look, first-strike capability early in the kill chain for websites that integrate third-party code.

Click. Click. Done. means smart threat blocking and containment instantly combat Magecart, XSS, code-injections, session hijacking, ATOs, credential stuffing, bots, and poor hygiene.

Click. Click. Done. means risk scores and vulnerability checks support in-session user remediation; forensic records; and board-level reporting, analytics, and trends for real-time intelligence and protection.

Click. Click. Done. means no CAPTCHAs, forced MFA, or shared accounts, reducing enterprise expenses and risk.