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CompanyCynet Security
Company size (employees)100
Type of solutionSoftware


Cynet 360 is an advanced threat detection and response platform that accurately detects sophisticated cyber-attacks such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), advanced malware, trojans, ransomware and zero-day attacks that maybe lurking in an organization.

Cynet’s full enterprise visibility of endpoint and network activity allows it to detect threat indicators across the attack chain. Through continuous monitoring across files, user behaviors, network traffic, and endpoints, behavioral and interaction indicators are assessed to give a complete picture of an attack operation over time.

Cynet’s machine learning algorithms constantly profile what’s normal for a monitored environment; observed anomalies, threat indicators, suspicious traffic, and decoy interactions are correlated and enhanced with Cynet’s Threat Intelligence Cloud to provide true alerts of security incidents with risk levels for rapid response triage.

Driven by a light-footprint sensor agent, Cynet can be rapidly deployed to thousands of hosts with Windows, Mac OS, or Linux OS with no impact to the user. Automatic or manual response can be done through a single interface, enabling the remediation of affected hosts by killing processes, verifying files with dynamic analysis, blocking traffic, removing files, restarting hosts, changing passwords and more. Advanced forensic capabilities reveal direct threat evidence on an affected host, and associates the host with processes, users and network traffic data.

Cynet CyOps delivers additional value to the Cynet 360 platform with 24/7 insight and intelligence. Staffed by an elite group of cyber threat analysts and investigators, Cynet’s CyOps is an extra set of expert eyes dedicated to continuously monitor, prioritize and respond to threats.

How we are different

• Cynet simplifies security by providing a scalable, easily deployable threat detection platform that delivers precise detection and automated response to advanced threats with near-zero false positives, shortening the time from detection to resolution of incidents and limiting damage to an organization. By combining high fidelity detection, decoy interaction, and network analytics, Cynet’s threat hunting engine provides accurate findings with associated risks without a lot of complexity and noise, so security teams can prioritize and respond to what matters.

• Cynet’s unique visibility of files, users, network traffic, and endpoints, and continuous monitoring of an environment uncovers behavioral and interaction indicators across the attack chain, giving a complete picture an attack operation over time. Forensic details are preserved, giving incident response teams the map of who was attacked, where the attack came from, methods used during the attack, if the threat moved in the network, and what other systems were compromised.

• Cynet uses analytics and machine learning to power its detection of threat behaviors and interactions in an organization. Cynet 360 is enhanced by Cynet CyOps, which delivers additional value to the platform with 24/7 threat expert assistance, insight and intelligence. Staffed by an elite group of cyber threat analysts and investigators, Cynet’s CyOps is an extra set of expert eyes dedicated to monitor, prioritize and respond to threats in a customer’s environment.