Cyolo’s Zero-Trust Access platform

Additional Info

Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionMiddle East
Type of solutionHybrid


Cyolo is the first, real zero-trust access solution, providing fast, reliable and secure access to all assets within an organizations’ infrastructure. The company was founded by a former CISO and two ethical hackers with the goal of filling the common security gaps they saw within many cybersecurity solutions on the market. The aim was simple, enabling swift, secure access to businesses’ assets and helping real-world organizations build the security of tomorrow, today.

Cyolo’s platform includes advanced integrations that retrofit existing corporate networks to accommodate a variety of modern authentication tools like SSO, Vault, MFA, etc – implementing a new way of layering security. Remote and third-party users can be carefully monitored by organizations through capabilities including auditing and recording to ensure compliance and security, fast and secure access through real-time user application access & control and continuous authorization and end-to-end encryption. It also provides seamless access and setup, eliminating VPN security and latency concerns, granting remote workers access to applications and resources instantly from one website link and allowing admins to install the solution within minutes. All without impeding operational productivity and no requirements for change management.

Currently, more than 120,000 on-site and remote users across the globe – operating within critical industries – like, energy, utilities and finance – are securely connected to desktops, resources applications, files, servers and any required component within their network. Simultaneously, IT and security leaders have the power to limit user access to only the applications or tools needed to do their job.

How we are different

Cyolo’s platform is the only true, zero-trust access solution for OT, SCADA and ICS systems. It enables fast, protected connection among onsite and remote users to authorized assets in the organizational network, cloud, IoT environments and offline networks. Cyolo’s solution recently helped a leading power plant operator, Rapac Energy, secure its isolated network, achieving seamless authentication to new applications and stronger authorization requirements. Rapac also benefited from the platform’s auditing and recording capabilities, Cyolo’s 2FA and its ease of use for end-users.

Cyolo’s zero-trust access solution enables lightning-fast implementation and configuration process time. Admins can install Cyolo’s platform in minutes, allowing secure access to high-risk users from day one of the implementation. The solution addresses privacy concerns ensuring ease of implementation without making changes to their existing network architecture and with minimal impact on users and business operations. For example, one organization deployed Cyolo’s zero-trust access solution providing 2,000 onsite and remote users across 150 systems stable, smooth application and service connectivity.

Cyolo takes customer privacy to the next level by providing the only solution on the market that has no access to corporations’ data - storing nothing in the cloud. For instance, Cyolo’s solution securely connected users across a UK-based brokerage company, PIB, while enabling the company to retain exclusive access and control to all critical content and data. This feature automatically improved PIB’s ability to adhere to compliance requirements. With no data stored in the Cyolo cloud, it also meant that Cyolo’s trust-less architecture could not be weaponized against PIB in a potential supply chain attack.