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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

o Darktrace’s AI technology is an innovative response to an evolving cyber-threat landscape; with never-before-seen cyber-attacks emerging every day, it is necessary to move away from traditional approaches that require prior knowledge, rules, and signatures. The Enterprise Immune System does exactly that – by using unsupervised learning, it can keep up with even with subtlest, most complex threats.

o Darktrace’s R&D team continues to push the boundaries of machine learning and AI for cyber defense – currently through research to automate more processes for the cyber analyst and understand how the mind of the analyst works to investigate cyber-incidents. This research answers a fundamental challenge as we enter an era where cyber is the new battle frontier.

o On top of its astounding technical innovations, the company has also taken a pioneering approach to the corporate culture. With three female C-level executives, two female board members, and women in a variety of senior leadership positions, Darktrace has created a culture where nearly half of the employees are women, in an industry where only 11 percent of professionals are female.

Brief Overview

Cyber security is one of the greatest technical challenges of our day. In a rapidly evolving threat landscape faced by lean security teams, organizations need to adopt a radically different approach. Darktrace has answered this challenge by using AI to embrace the uncertainty and unpredictability of this new threat landscape, ushering in a new era of cyber defense.

Whereas traditional security focused on protecting network borders and looking for known ‘bad’, Darktrace works by establishing a ‘pattern of life’ for every network, device, and user. From this ever-evolving understanding of normal, the Enterprise Immune System can detect and respond to subtle threats within the network in real time. With this technology, companies can take a proactive approach to security with the ability to detect cyber-threats before they can do damage, across their entire network infrastructure.

However, Darktrace’s capabilities are not limited just to threat detection. Antigena, Darktrace’s fundamentally unique autonomous response system, generates ‘digital antibodies’ that take targeted action to neutralize in-progress cyber-threats. Since its launch, Antigena has proven to work at scale in enterprise networks around the world. For example, during the global WannaCry epidemic in May 2017, Darktrace successfully detected and neutralized the ransomware strain within minutes of it emerging in a number of customers, including an NHS agency.

In order to continue pushing for innovation, Darktrace has a dedicated team of 30+ PhD mathematicians and software engineers in a machine learning R&D center. Their research focuses on how to automate more processes for the cyber analyst and understand how the mind of the analyst works to investigate cyber-incidents. While smaller teams work on more specific projects, such as unknown URL analysis, malicious email classification, and DNS tunneling attack detection, one larger team works on “The Turing Brain”, a deep learning project that aims to automate the analyst.