Darktrace Cyber AI Platform

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionHybrid


Crucial to securing these vital and vulnerable spaces, Darktrace provides full coverage across all major hybrid and multi-cloud environments including: AWS, Box, Dropbox, G Suite, JumpCloud, Rackspace, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Darktrace pioneers a fundamentally novel approach to securing AWS environments. Rather than predefining threat using fixed rules and signatures, the Darktrace Enterprise Immune System leverages artificial intelligence to learn the typical ‘pattern of life’ of every user, device, and container it defends while ‘on the job’. This continuously refined sense of ‘self’ enables the technology to flag the subtle behavioral anomalies that accompany the full range of cyber-attacks wherever they emerge.

Recently, as discussed at an AWS re:Invent keynote, Darktrace helped customer CBS Interactive to secure the Super Bowl LIII, the most streamed Super Bowl to date, with over 100 million total viewers. Using the Cyber AI Platform to secure its AWS cloud environments, CBS Interactive can be confident it has a real-time understanding of its dynamic infrastructure. Cyber AI provides complete visibility across the disparate elements of CBS Interactive’s digital environments—crucial to any business but absolutely critical to running live events over digital platforms.

“When you’ve got so many different accounts that are peered together, in the world of AWS, we really needed to be able to see the data that was connected as one entity was talking to another,” said Floyd Fernandes, VP and CISO of CBS Interactive. “Whether it was internally within Interactive or externally in the third party or supply chain.”

Darktrace provides this holistic understanding of the entire infrastructure—activity on the cloud, on-premises networks, through email applications, and the interactions between them all.

How we are different

• Darktrace offers native support for AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring. Darktrace customers have real-time coverage of cloud workloads in AWS, without having to rely on sensors or capture agents.
• Darktrace helped customer, CBS Interactive, secure its AWS environments during the Superbowl LIII, the most streamed of this popular football event to date.
• The Enterprise Immune System learns in these AWS environments ‘on the job’ without requiring extra training data sets or extraneous information.