Darktrace Cyber AI

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionHybrid


Breaches go undetected for 206 days, on average. Major regulations however, including GDPR and New York’s 23 NYCRR 500, require breaches be reported within 72 hours. Thus, the average organization’s traditional security tools are proving practically uncompliant in their ability to detect breaches.

Darktrace Cyber AI is the pioneer of state-of-the-art, effective security for the modern enterprise. The Darktrace Enterprise Immune System detects novel and rapidly-moving attacks in real time. By expertly ingesting and correlating massive amounts of data on all users and environments, the Enterprise Immune System learns the ‘pattern of life’ or sense of normal for the enterprise. By understanding ‘self’, Darktrace is able to immediately detect abnormalities, which is where the first signs of threat emerge.

“We take the protection of our information assets very seriously. We realized that we needed to be ahead of coming regulation in this area, and we took proactive steps to improve our understanding of our network activity,” said Conor Claxton, COO at Macrosynergy Partners, a global hedge fund and Darktrace customer. “Darktrace shines a light onto our systems, giving us a visual overview of what’s really happening ‘under the hood’ – instead of relying on guesswork.”

And based on this understanding of the infrastructure, Darktrace Antigena, the world’s first and leading Autonomous Response tool, neutralizes threats within seconds, working across environments: email, cloud, SaaS, IoT, industrial technology, and on-premises networks. This allows organizations to stop threats before they become destructive breaches.

How we are different

• Darktrace detects threats as they emerge, enabling rapid defense against breaches in an evolving, advanced threat landscape.
• Darktrace Antigena, the first and leading Autonomous Response tool, neutralizes threats in seconds, allowing customers to prevent breaches exceedingly faster than the 206 days it takes businesses on average to detect a breach in the first place.
• Darktrace Cyber AI allows for continuous monitoring of sensitive data across the network and the user activity surrounding it—helping thousands of organizations across the globe maintain compliance with a range of data laws.