Darktrace Industrial Immune System

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Darktrace
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionHybrid

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• Critical infrastructure remains a constant target for nation-state actors. Darktrace Cyber AI’s ability to detect threats early, as they emerge, has proven critical in defending these environments, including the City of Las Vegas, City of Westland and Livingston County.
• Constant targets of devastating ransomware, municipal agencies use Darktrace Antigena to neutralize the malware in seconds, faster than any security team could act to contain advanced ransomware campaigns, which can encrypt an entire digital infrastructure in minutes.
• Power distribution grids are complex and vulnerable to any deviations in operations. Cyber AI is the only tool able to trace how these systems normally function and Antigena enforces these patterns, neutralizing attacks in seconds.

Brief Overview

Darktrace’s Industrial Immune System defends legacy industrial systems, new 5G infrastructure, and pioneering smart cities across the US, like the City of Las Vegas. From IoT sensors in trash cans to AI-monitored CCTV cameras to self-driving buses, Las Vegas’s smart infrastructure has already fueled remarkable efficiency gains. Conventional security solutions are not equipped to defend such expansive, IoT-powered municipalities — due to their incompatibility with novel IoT machines whose operating systems, activity patterns, and security shortcomings are poorly understood.

“We no longer live in an era where cyber-attacks are limited to the desktop or server,” commented Michael Sherwood, Director of Innovation and Technology for the City of Las Vegas. “IT and OT networks have never been more connected, and as a result, threat-actors are setting their sights on critical infrastructure. Darktrace’s machine learning approach provides unprecedented awareness across both our IT and OT networks, making it uniquely capable of fighting the battle before it has truly begun.”

Darktrace ensures total visibility for the city’s security team, displaying new IoT devices the moment they come online. Additionally, to fight back against the machine-speed attacks that define the modern threat landscape, Las Vegas also deployed Darktrace Antigena, the first Autonomous Response technology that neutralizes in-progress threats in seconds. Antigena has countered thousands of attacks against IoT devices — revolutionizing industrial and municipal cyber defense in the process.

At a time when rapidly-moving ransomware is increasingly being used to attack critical municipal infrastructure and agencies, Darktrace Cyber AI detects and stops the destructive malware in its tracks.

“I don’t have a security guy 24/7, so we have Darktrace Antigena as the response piece,” commented Rich Malewicz, CIO of Livingston County. “Even when we’re at home, we still have Darktrace fighting the fight for us at night and on the weekend.”