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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Dasera is the only comprehensive data security platform. It analyzes every interaction across all your data stores, identifying risks at the earliest stage possible, and integrating the feedback into the workflows you use today. Our solution takes context from the infrastructure, the data, and the users, to understand each interaction to make sure they are safe the moment they occur.

Utilizing this context, Dasera enables comprehensive data security across the data lifecycle – from data creation to data deletion. Starting with discovery and classification, then permission analysis, and finally, in-use data monitoring, you can use Dasera to prevent risk and ensure compliance continuously.

Here’s a use-case example. A large customer in the payment space was able to use Dasera to identify sensitive PII in a non-sanctioned environment. They were then able to investigate who had interfaced with that data and see if there were any risky queries that indicated malicious intent. Finally, they were able to create policies which future-proofed them from having sensitive data from showing up in that environment ever again.

Overall, Dasera facilitates cross-functional collaboration, saves time, and keeps data more secure and data use more compliant.

How we are different

*Dasera secures the entire data lifecycle: Unlike point solutions, Dasera provides comprehensive data security from creation to deletion by utilizing data context for continuous risk management. Neither access control nor data loss prevention (DLP) solutions provide visibility into the data lifecycle; where it lives, what type or classification of data, who has access, and how the data is used. Dasera was created to solve these problems and expand the data protection capabilities to enable a holistic shared responsibilities model between data, compliance, and security teams. Dasera provides end-to-end protection, visibility, and control over data privacy and compliance.

*Dasera provides a frictionless experience: The deployment is simple, automated, and flexible. We offer the choice between a SaaS offering or self-hosted solution and there are no agents deployed on your DB infrastructure. So there’s no risk of performance impact to your production environment. We integrate with most data stores, on prem or in the cloud, and have a growing set of workflow and infrastructure connectors to create a frictionless experience.

*Dasera unlocks the power of your data: Dasera empowers data, compliance, and security teams to provide broader access to more data for faster business decisions while reducing and mitigating risk.