Data Access Governance

Additional Info

CompanyCyral Inc. - Data Access Governance
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionService


Cyral’s Data Access Governance (DAG) provides centralized data access management and real-time monitoring capabilities for structured and semi-structured data found in SQL and NoSQL databases and data lakes. Cyral’s DAG helps organizations solve data security issues, specifically where data access tracking is critical, Organizations use DAG to determine, manage and monitor who has access to which data across various repositories, how that data is classified, as well as provide an audit trail of access and permission activities. Customers can use DAG to enable strong privacy controls and mitigate data exposure risks.

How we are different

• Unified, identity-based access that gives each user the right permissions to specific data resources, based on that person’s role, group membership, or other criteria.

• For just-in-time access, users can type data access requests in Slack, and approvers can approve or deny immediately in Slack.

• Identity attribution shows the user behind each request, even when users connect through a business intelligence tool with a service account.

• Ease of administration and orchestration of data security policies and enforcement

•No change to an organization’s applications, tools or workflows

•Security as Code approach improves collaboration with DevOps