Data Security Everywhere by Forcepoint

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Forcepoint developed Data Security Everywhere to help today’s distributed enterprises reduce risk while maximizing potential. Data Security Everywhere is an innovative approach that simplifies and unifies data security for enterprises, enabling enterprises to bring policy management, visibility, and control anywhere users store and access data. By extending the industry-leading capabilities of Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with Forcepoint ONE, an all-in-one cloud platform that makes security simple for web, cloud, and private applications, organizations can easily create one policy and deploy it everywhere – wherever sensitive data resides.

This unique distributed enforcement allows administrators to apply a single set of policies on managed and unmanaged devices to protect data usage in the cloud, on websites and in private applications, at the endpoint, in the network, and via email. Forcepoint simplifies data security with the industry’s largest collection of more than 1,700 pre-defined classifiers and policy templates, enabling out-of-the-box compliance in more than 80 countries and across many industries. Organizations can further leverage automation technologies like AI or our Risk-Adaptive Protection solutions to monitor user behavior and automatically adapt policies to stop exfiltration. As a result, companies can prevent breaches and simplify compliance, safeguarding critical information wherever people work, store, access, and use sensitive data.

Key Capabilities / Features

Forcepoint empowers teams to work anywhere by securing data everywhere it’s accessed. Unique capabilities introduced by Data Security Everywhere include:

• Secures cloud, endpoint and BYOD coverage with one policy, enforcing policies on unmanaged devices and within unmanaged web apps, while eliminating multiple DLPs and manual policy syncing between solutions.

• Simplifies DLP management by leveraging over 1,700 out-of-the-box classifiers, policies, and templates, enabling granular enforcement and unifying incident reporting in a single dashboard.

• Automates data discovery and classification with AI, finding unstructured data faster and classifying it more accurately using AI and ML capabilities.

• Automates data security in real time based on risky behavior, reducing false positives by focusing on the context of the behavior and automatically adapting policies to stop exfiltration.

• Keeps users and data safe while browsing the web, preventing known and unknown malware attacks from risky websites as well as uploads of sensitive data on the web.

• Prevents data exfiltration in outbound email, maintaining control and visibility over what data can be emailed out of the enterprise.

Today’s digital landscape has shown that dispersed teams are continuing to work from anywhere with data everywhere – but not always safely, especially as new tools come into play. Forcepoint’s Data Security Everywhere approach makes it easy for security leaders to protect the ever-evolving business from these known and unknown threats, while simultaneously simplifying their jobs to make the most impact without impacting profitability or productivity.

How we are different

Key differentiators between Forcepoint’s Data Security Everywhere capabilities and those by legacy cybersecurity solutions include:

1. Data-First: Forcepoint’s data-first approach protects business information wherever it is stored and accessed by hybrid workforces while unifying policy coverage in the cloud, at the endpoint, and on unmanaged devices.

2. Largest Collection of Pre-Built Policies: Forcepoint enables out-of-the-box compliance in more than 80 countries with the industry’s largest collection of more than 1,700 pre-defined classifiers and policy templates.

3. Cloud Application Coverage: Forcepoint protects sensitive data on more than 800,000 cloud applications through its Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) – more coverage than any other provider in the industry.

Forcepoint has already received recognition over the competition, most recently being recognized as the Frost & Sullivan 2023 Global Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Company of the Year Award. All these differentiators (and more) allow Forcepoint to deliver enterprise-level data security, keeping data safe wherever it is accessed.