Datablink Mobile 200

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Company size (employees)80+
Type of solutionSoftware


Datablink Mobile 200 is an advanced mobile app for smartphones that answers the need for financial institutions, enterprises and online services to provide users with an easy yet highly secure method of accessing online accounts and networks.

Specifically designed to prevent unauthorized access and fraudulent online transactions, Datablink Mobile 200 allows customers to quickly use their smartphone to create a secure, out-of-band connection with the back end of, for example, a bank, and then confirm their identities and transactions. Datablink Mobile 200 consistently defends against threats such as stolen static passwords and today’s countless social engineering attack methods.

Datablink Mobile 200 offers flexibility through the combination of data push and QR code technologies. Through push technology, the challenge and transaction data are sent to the user’s smartphone. The user either confirms or denies account access as well as all transaction data. Alternatively, if no data coverage is available, a QR Code is presented on the screen that only the user’s smartphone will be able to read via its camera. Datablink Mobile 200 can also generate time-based one-time passwords using a smartphone’s DNA for maximum security.

How we are different

- Relied upon by millions of banking customers and enterprise users worldwide
- Offers unrivaled ease of use and protection for online access and transaction verification
- Flexibly combines push and QR Code technology in a convenient app