DeCYFIR by CYFIRMA – A Threat Discovery and Cyber-Intelligence Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)CYFIRMA
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

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CYFIRMA’s threat discovery platform, DeCYFIR, deploys deep tech and AI engines into the deep/dark web, closed communities, and hackers’ forums to uncover, analyse, correlate, and find the deepest insights from noisy data. Its cyber intelligence platform connects the dots between hackers, motivation, campaigns, and methods so that cyber threats are attributed with full contextual details. The platform’s insights include tactical, management and strategic intelligence that serves to inform security teams and leaders across the organization.

DeCYFIR is unique in the following areas:

• Hackers’ View and Discover Hidden Signals
DeCYFIR is the only product in the cyber-intelligence category where clients can get to see the world through the hacker’s view and understand the connection between threat actor, motive, method and campaign. DeCYFIR discover hidden signals by recognizing signs of an impending attack, and we do this at the early planning stage of an attack, and not when an attack is already ongoing. Our platform picks up ‘indicators’ as opposed to ‘indicators of compromise’.

• Contextual
DeCYFIR is designed to answer the ‘WHO’, ‘WHY’, ‘WHAT’, ‘WHEN’, and ‘HOW’ to decode underlying threats and risks. By answering these questions, we can provide clients with full contextual details on the threats they face.

• Quality Intelligence - Relevant, prioritized, and timely
The cyber-intelligence provided to clients is tailored to their industry, geography and technology. This ensures the insights are always relevant. Based on cyberthreats uncovered, a set of recommendations is provided so clients can take actions to mitigate risk. These remediation actions are prioritized – this way clients can focus resources on the most critical risk first. Early warnings are uniquely a DeCYFIR feature – these are detailed analysis to help clients prepare for impending attacks.


DeCYFIR a cloud-based threat discovery and cyber-intelligence platform.

DeCYFIR consists of several modules, each designed to help the organization strengthen its cyber posture and be better equipped to handle the risk of digitization:

Threat Visibility and Intelligence (TVI)
TVI provides a comprehensive multi-dimensional strategic, management and tactical intelligence and cyber insights. This module answers WHO, WHY, WHAT, WHEN and HOW of looming cyber threats, and provide recommendations for remedial actions. With TVI, organizations can predict a potential cyberattack and prevent financial and reputational damage.

Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA)
Real-time cyber insights, trends, cyber news, technology, regulatory & law, policy changes, emerging cyber-attacks, vulnerabilities, and exploits – all tailored to ensure relevance to customer’s geography, industry, and technology. When equipped with comprehensive and relevant risk telemetry, executives can make business and investment decisions accurately.

Cyber Incident Analytics (CIA)
Enable organization to comprehensively respond to security incidents with not only tactical information but also strategic-level insights by mapping associated campaign, hacker’s affiliation, motive, and mechanism. By taking an intelligence-based approach to managing cyber incidents, businesses can prevent the occurrence of similar cyberattacks.

Aside from these, CYFIRMA’s offerings also include Cyber Education, Cyber Vulnerability Analytics, Brand/Individual Cyber Risk Monitoring and Cyber Risk Scoring. We provide organizations with predictive intelligence to help them secure their infrastructure, brand and reputation.

CYFIRMA’s DeCYFIR platform will give clients the following:
• Client-tailored Outside-in/Hacker’s view of cyber threat landscape
• Multi-dimensional strategic, management and tactical cyber threat visibility and intelligence that can be applied and integrated into organization’s security strategies, policies, processes, procedures, security controls and people
• A unique approach of viewing risks and threat indicators at the planning stage, versus the execution and exploitation phase of a cyber-attack
• Indicator-centered threat hunting capabilities, which could be as simple as a conversation between hackers or geo-political issue driving the cyber threats.

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