Additional Info

Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


Deep Instinct is the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity. We use a neural network brain that learns to identify objects, so that its prediction becomes instinctive with a proprietary deep learning framework that was designed (in house) specifically to fit cybersecurity needs.
We predict and prevent threats that others can’t find and lead the industry in cyber threat prevention efficacy, with the highest accuracy rates and lowest false positives.
Using a neural network brain, we have most recently blocked a never-seen-before botnet (dubbed Mylobot) and were first to discover it. We prevented large known attacks like WannaCry, corebot etc. We provide real-time, autonomous prevention for both online and connectionless prevention, protect against any file type, on any OS, and on any device with no business interference – no impact on device performance

How we are different

1. Real time autonomous prevention - highest prevention rates against unknown, first seen malware: APTs and zero-days – in the industry, on any device – endpoint, server and mobile. With highest variety of file types; all major OS and fully autonomous solution both offline or online mode.
2. Operational Agility and Productivity - lowest false positive rates in the industry. Less skilled labor is needed since it's an autonomous machine that prevents and classifies using one single management console. Super friendly, with only few updates needed a year.
3. Easy to deploy - From POC to production in zero time, fast deployment, on the cloud or on prem and Augmentation vs. “rip and replace” with just a few days to deploy