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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


deepwatch offers the most innovative, game-changing managed security services offerings in the industry. We hire the best and brightest, arm them with our unique detection assets and deliver exceptional customer outcomes.

Our Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR) provides 24/7/365 threat monitoring, alerting, validation, and proactive threat hunting. Second, our Managed Endpoint Detection & Response Service (EDR) provides the management of endpoint detection solutions. And, finally, our Vulnerability Management Services provide the people, process, and technologies to fully or partially administer vulnerability management programs for our customers.

Overall our customers leverage our services to free their teams from the time-consuming tasks and high costs of implementing, hosting, administering, and integrating their cybersecurity technologies while achieving their desired security outcomes.

How we are different

- deepwatch customers to one of our squads and provides industry vertical expertise in order to deliver more specific threat hunting context. Our squad model ensures continuity and context across shifts, providing seamless coverage of all aspects of monitoring our customers’ security operations. Our customers build strong relationships with their assigned team and know precisely who to call for support if there is an issue or a security incident.

- deepwatch continuously benchmarks our customers and their respective security practices. We apply best practices in network protection to all of our customers with consideration to their industry, the threat actors interested in their business, and many other factors. Our MDR customers have immediate access to our metrics-based Maturity Model via our Lens application to benchmark their security maturity and to provide a roadmap for improvement.

CISO’s seem to be universally hounded by three questions: (1) How mature is my Security Operations Center (SOC)? (2) How do I compare to my peers? (3) What one thing should I do next to better secure my business? deepwatch created a Lens to provide security leaders with an ongoing view into their security posture and what they can do to improve it over time. Lens allows CISOs to quickly understand log source collection, use case analytics, and what their Maturity Score looks like, in the palm of their hand.

- Lens visualizes data collection coverage with an all-encompassing maturity score calculated by our patented Maturity Model. The Maturity Model is the industry’s first scientific way to measure SOC effectiveness. It gives CISO’s the immediate ability to benchmark their SecOps maturity against that of their peers, and quickly uncover gaps and how to address them. CISOs can then track their improvements and estimate the impact different improvement actions might make.