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DefenseStorm is a security data platform designed exclusively for banks and credit unions that watches everything on their network and matches it to their policies – ensuring they’re both secure and compliant. We discovered how to make the daily work of cybersecurity professionals easier. By unifying security into a single platform that is fast, intuitive, and intelligent – security analysts and CISOs can tune out the noise and focus on stopping cybercriminals with greater precision than ever before. We recently extended our product, already successful at securing traditional networks, to secure cloud assets within the same seamless platform – and with a simple and fast set-up to do; something no one has been able to achieve until now. The need for a coordinated threat defense between cloud and ground assets (on-premise, colo, etc.), for truly unified cybersecurity management, has never been more needed given today’s threat landscape. As a two year old company, we are very proud of the fact that we have secured and created a niche market need for a security data platform. This recognition in the market, coupled with our recent product offerings and innovative technology allows us to do what no other company can – such as, ingest 10 million events per minute, search events up to 120x faster, link cybersecurity policies to real-time alerts… and more, much more.

How we are different

- Created a niche market and demand for a security data platform . We know the work of security analysts and CISOs should not be bogged down by untimely reports when trying to protect the company; nor should they have to operate with disparate systems, cumbersome set-ups, and features that don't go so far as to prove the organization is secure.

- We understand the need and have the technology minds to develop a platform that provides a coordinated threat defense between cloud and ground assets - such as AWS, Office 365, and Open DNS. While Cloud adoption of these productivity applications is accelerating, unfortunately so too is the risk factor tied to these applications. Continuous monitoring of your cloud infrastructure for security events is critical, but it comes with challenges - those of which we know how to overcome.

- We figured out how to get the cumbersome set-up process of securing your ground and cloud assets done in 3 steps, versus some of the competition which takes 22 or more steps to complete.