Denim Group’s Vulnerability Management Solution – ThreadFix

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Denim Group
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionHybrid

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● ThreadFix is the first application vulnerability management product in the industry which can point to the exact line of source code responsible for a vulnerability that has been identified by a dynamic security scan. This capability, along with ThreadFix’s IDE (integrated developer environment) plug-in bridges a challenging communications gap between security and software development teams that can dramatically simplify and accelerate the time-to-fix of critical application vulnerabilities.

● ThreadFix is one of the first products in the industry to provide a comprehensive view on the state of software security within an organization. The platform puts the power back in the hands of the businesses; enabling them to grow their application security initiatives by amplifying the value of their team’s resources. ThreadFix delivers a clearly defined view of application portfolio risk and knowledge from outside resources so that all organizations can address software security.

● ThreadFix automates the vulnerability resolution process from end-to-end, freeing up Application Security Managers to truly manage the risk of software in your organization. ThreadFix provides them with the tools to spend more time engaging with development teams, offer better recommendations on what to fix first and have higher-level risk discussions with the CISO and CSO. It quantifies vulnerability resolution time to fix across all testing technologies and development teams, empowers security teams to more accurately measure windows of exposure when unsecure code is in production, and enables security and development teams to justify future budget by characterizing the true state of vulnerability resolution within the enterprise.

Brief Overview

With enterprises onboarding thousands of applications, vulnerabilities have the capacity to reach millions within a single organization. ThreadFix provides a window into the state of application security programs for organizations that build software, offering customers the ability to actively maintain a high volume of applications, while exponentially reducing automated scanner findings, saving time and helping security teams focus on remediating the most important vulnerabilities first.

ThreadFix bridges the gap between security and software development teams by aggregating vulnerability test results from existing static and dynamic application security scanning tools, enabling security managers to save time and minimize reporting duplication. The dashboards provide application-level views of vulnerability trends, the most vulnerable applications, recent scan activity and collaboration efforts.

ThreadFix accelerates the process of software vulnerability remediation by up to 40%. Customers report productivity gains of 2x-5x from ThreadFix use and integration, enabling them to build and deploy software faster while protecting sensitive data from the most sophisticated hackers.

As well, ThreadFix reduces application vulnerabilities by 35%, merging and deduplicating vulnerabilities from multiple scan engines, thereby decreasing automated scanner findings by 15-35% on average, with some examples reaching 50%. It is able to ingest 100 vulnerability scans in under 9 minutes.

For customers who require support to maintain an efficient vulnerability management program, ThreadFix can seamlessly assign tasks, such as assessments and source code review, to Denim Group’s team who provide on-demand testing and application vulnerability resolution. In response to the growing demand for SaaS offerings, managed services will be added to ThreadFix deployments in 2021. These services will combine Application Security assessments and ThreadFix in order to identify the riskiest areas, determine the right testing approach for securing a company’s critical systems, and ultimately prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities to reduce exposure.