Devo Technology DeepTrace

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CompanyDevo Technology
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


For many SOCs, threat hunting is a stretch. Many organizations don’t have the proper resources or capacity to hunt for threats proactively. Those analysts who possess highly specialized skills must perform exhaustive, manual threat hunting, which limits their ability to reduce dwell times and uncover persistent threats.

That’s where Devo DeepTrace comes in. DeepTrace is an autonomous alert investigation and threat-hunting solution that uses attack-tracing artificial intelligence (AI) to advance how security teams identify attacks, investigate threats, and secure their organizations. DeepTrace ensures that security teams can comprehensively investigate threats by rapidly tracing attacks, which fundamentally changes how organizations discover and thwart their adversaries while protecting the business.

How we are different

Autonomous alert investigations: With Devo DeepTrace, organizations can tackle threats faster and more effectively. Its unique capability of setting up alerts to trigger autonomous investigations results in swift resolution times. Analysts benefit from a complete understanding of their attacker by analyzing all available data throughout the attack, allowing them to make informed decisions and take effective action. DeepTrace's cutting-edge attack-tracing AI sets it apart by empowering analysts to quickly ask hundreds of thousands of questions, streamlining the manual and repetitive work involved in the investigation process.

Autonomous threat hunting: DeepTrace’s innovative attack-tracing AI threat hunting capability, empowers organizations’ SOC teams and alleviates the workload of analysts. Unlike other threat hunting solutions, DeepTrace can quickly construct and configure new hunts that align with the MITRE ATT&CK framework tactics and techniques. The utilization of autonomous investigations enhances the accuracy and reliability of these hunts, which can then be converted into new recurring threat detections. The DeepTrace platform allows alerts to be automatically activated during autonomous investigations. Upon detecting an attack, the platform creates a thorough, evidence-based account and takes action to resolve it or alerts an analyst to take action and provide feedback to the AI.

Optimized incident response: Devo DeepTrace revolutionizes organizations' approach to incident response by eliminating the hassle of manual endpoint searches and evidence collection. What sets DeepTrace apart is its unique ability to rapidly ask hundreds of thousands of questions, providing in-depth information about the attacker in mere minutes or even seconds, allowing organizations to quickly take action and stop the attack. Additionally, DeepTrace leverages organizational data to conduct retroactive hunts, uncovering past attacks and malicious activity. Upon discovering an attack, DeepTrace provides interactive traces and reports that track the attacker's movements, delivering the complete picture security teams need.