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Company size (employees)100 - 499
Type of solutionSoftware


DigiCert CertCentral® simplifies and automates large-scale digital certificate management. It is offered as a no-cost, value-added solution for DigiCert customers and can easily integrate with their systems using DigiCert’s customizable APIs. The built-in management tools and intuitive report dashboard simplify certificate lifecycle management by: scanning internal/external networks with the largest repository of SSL/TLS certificates available; offering pre-approvals for fast, automated certificate issuance; identifying poor deployment/configuration and offering remediation tips; and supporting account management for global, multi-tenant corporations.

CertCentral’s scalability has been tested and verified to handle billions of digital certificates with web-performance needs in mind, a convenience for enterprises which may have countless certificates and need secure but fast web page loads (e.g. Amazon estimates that every one second of delayed page loads costs them $1 million). Ultimately, CertCentral’s automated features for managing digital certificates save valuable time and money, allowing companies to devote their conserved resources to other facets of their business.

How we are different

• SSL/TLS certificates have been a key backbone of Internet security and eCommerce for long time. Because encryption provides better security and privacy for Web users, more companies are implementing HTTPS to protect not only their users, but also their own web properties from fraud. DigiCert CertCentral® was born through customer feedback to provide better processes for digital certificate management. It is built on an architecture DigiCert can update as practices change and new threats emerge. CertCentral helps certificates remain active and optimized for good security throughout the entire certificate lifecycle.
• By using CertCentral, enterprises can avoid the costly effects of downtime caused by expired certificates and close security gaps often caused by negligence, ignorance, or rogue issuance by employees not authorized to issue certificates by IT. By using CertCentral, organizations gain valuable time they would otherwise spend managing digital certificates manually. Organizations can maximize their online brand investments by increasing trust, avoiding costly effects of downtime from expired certificates, and close negligent security gaps, enhancing website security and furthering business productivity and output.
• CertCentral enhances Internet security and has been validated by DigiCert’s customer feedback, growing number of users and assessment of Industry analysts giving claim for value added services and providing leading certificate management products. CertCentral has won various awards such as Best New Security Product in 2016 by the American Business Awards.