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If you ever fall victim to a cyberattack, you should stay calm, immediately consult experts and under no circumstances destroy any evidence.

This evidence is not only important for law enforcement, but also to back up the legitimacy of any insurance and service claims. By reconstructing the course of events surrounding the attack, you can also identify and then eliminate vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.

SECUINFRA provides effective, direct assistance with the investigation of cyberattacks and other IT security incidents. In the process, we identify, collect, analyze and document digital evidence that will stand up in court, help you respond to the incident, and advise you in how to improve your cyber resilience.

Where evidence is kept as well as which tools are used will differ for each forensics job, but the approach is always the same. SECUINFRA conducts forensic analyses with the following six steps:
Identification, Preservation, Collection, Analysis, Documentation & Presentation.

How we are different

SECUINFRA has one of Europe’s most effective teams of digital forensics experts. Framework agreements guarantee that our digital forensics experts are always there to help right away.

Our forensics team has built up a wealth of expertise over the years by acquiring relevant training and certifications and, most importantly, constantly working in the field of digital forensics.

Digital forensics is one of SECUINFRA’s core areas of expertise. Over the years, we’ve continued to perfect our methods, processes and tools so we can offer you a professional service at all times.