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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Digital Silence is a world-class boutique cybersecurity firm focused on providing exceptional security consulting services. We provide a wide range of security assessment services, ranging from full scope red team testing to social engineering and application security, serving companies in virtually any industry seeking to ensure their products and processes are safe and secure for their customers.

Digital Silence’s cybersecurity professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and industries to provide diverse perspectives and approaches to their work. We are committed to consistency, quality, attention to detail, and unsurpassed client care. We also choose to be active contributors in the cybersecurity community through research and development programs, training and volunteer work. As our world becomes increasingly online, we work to make it a safer place.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of cybersecurity. This experience means there’s not much we haven’t encountered and not much we can’t figure out when it comes to digital security issues. While other firms might have seasoned consultants and engineers, our staff have not only worked as internal support but also contribute to the cybersecurity community developing content and speaking at conferences such as Defcon and at industry specific events.

Digital Silence was founded with one goal in mind — to do security consulting right. Consistency, commitment to quality, attention to detail, and unsurpassed client care are central to our company’s culture and ethos. By creating a boutique cybersecurity firm, focused on going deeper and operating more strategically for our customers we were able to build a team filled with industry leaders with years of experience, but we were also able to provide better value to our customers when compared to the larger consulting companies. Digital Silence has a 90 percent retention rate and a strong referral base from satisfied clients.

How we are different

1. The media and entertainment industry trusts our content and site services to protect their valuable intellectual property. Protecting IP and content over WiFi, Bluetooth, and other communication channels is critical. Digital Silence provides penetration testing services for highly sensitive content, looking for active information leaks via OSINT, identifying physical security vulnerabilities on set, and identifying content security and channel leaks on production/content delivery networks. These Red Teaming engagements help our clients identify security vulnerabilities and potential areas for loss of content. We also help these clients understand their Trusted Partner Network (TPN) integration points and potential security gaps, providing recommendations to enhance the security of their networks. One director of a VFX and Animation house said: “Digital Silence just gets it. They understand our business and the need to enable creative development. They fit in with our production teams. They aren’t a bunch of suits who push policy and procedure. It’s clear that they have worked in the industry for quite some time.”

2. Our comprehensive application/Internet of Things (IoT) security assessments protects web, mobile, and embedded device applications from potential risks. We provide hardware-based penetration tests, focusing on finding vulnerabilities in smart devices such as OTT, Video Game Platforms, and other network-enabled devices.

3. Our talent not only sets us apart but our ability to consistently educate our clients on how specific attacks work and how to remediate vulnerabilities where many firms take a “pass-fail” or “it’s our black box, trust us” approach. Said one manager of security for a major studio: “They found unique vulnerabilities in our applications and delivered detailed outlines of the attack process on time and within budget.”