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Company size (employees)162
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Distil Networks, the global leader in bot detection and mitigation, is the only easy and accurate way to identify and police malicious website traffic, blocking 99.9% of bad bots without impacting legitimate users. Distil takes a proactive, comprehensive approach to stopping online fraud and serves customers in industries spanning e-commerce, travel, digital publishing and many more. For each customer, defense against bots starts at the perimeter with good web application security hygiene.

It’s clear through their performance and growth over the past year alone that Distil provides the security posture that customers have come to rely on. In early 2016, Distil strengthened their bot detection product with the acquisition of competitor ScrapeSentry. This company’s team of experienced security analysts provide real-time threat monitoring, analysis, investigation and response, as well as post-incident reports and best practices to ensure a rapid response to malicious bot attacks.

In August, Distil announced a $21M round of Series C funding, raising their total funding to $65M, signifying a significant market need for bot detection. Moving forward, Distil is focusing their efforts on 1) growing their data centers and continuing to expand their presence internationally, 2) expanding and improving their marketing efforts to raise awareness of bots, and 3) continuing to expand their team and office locations. Along with the latest round of funding, one partner at Bessemer Ventures shared that he was eager to double down, stating, “Since I joined the board of Distil, I’ve been continually impressed by the company’s ability to develop new products, streamline deployment, and exceed sales objectives.” In this vein, Distil has grown their team member numbers from 45 this time last year to over 160 currently. Distil demonstrated high growth in 2015 with 359 percent year-over-year revenue growth, and 2016 is shaping up to be just as successful.

How we are different

- The bot mitigation market, while young, is growing over 400 percent year over year. Distil is one of very few products on the market that addresses malicious bot attacks in such a direct and focused way. They have the largest known bot database with more than 50 billion bots fingerprinted and categorized, utilizing machine-learning intelligence that makes the software smarter with every bot it blocks.

- Only 41% of web traffic originates from humans, so it is imperative to identify and police malicious bots across web applications. Today’s bots represent a new generation of attacks, and are the key culprits behind web scraping, online fraud, web application security breaches, content spam, digital ad fraud and downtime. Distil is the first easy and accurate way to identify and police malicious website traffic, blocking 99.9% of bad bots without impacting legitimate users.

- Though web vulnerabilities were monitored and tracked for years, it was not until 2015 that OWASP released a list of automated threats exploiting the business process of web applications. This includes scraping, carding, and credition stuffing among others - very different from technical web security flaws such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting, which are some of the more widely reported security flaws over the past decade. However, Distil was ahead of the curve when it comes to web application security, as proven by the 2016 OWASP Handbook of Automated Threats. Distil stops 100% of all threats listed, which includes account credentials, payment cardholder data, vulnerability identification, among may others. No other security company can make this claim.