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CompanyDistil Networks
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Firewalls, WAFs, and IPS systems were never designed to stop and manage the volume, variety, and sophistication of today’s bots and botnets. The Distil difference? Ease of use and accuracy of detection. Distil’s self-optimizing protection blocks 99.9% of malicious bots without impacting legitimate users. An intuitive user interface enables you to quickly fine tune your own settings, and enjoy complete control over how you manage bots and use the service.

Hi-Def Inline Fingerprinting – Uniquely analyze more than 200 bits of information from each “Client” request (browser & machine). Distil’s Hi-Def Fingerprint sticks to the bot even if it attempts reconnect from random IP addresses or hide behind an anonymous proxy.

Known Violators Database – Real-time updates from the world’s largest Known Violators Database, which is based on the collective intelligence of all Distil-protected sites. Distil customers are automatically protected against new threats discovered anywhere on the network.

API Security – Acts as an automatic shield against API hijacking, scraping, and abuse It’s also an insurance policy against developer mistakes and integration bugs. API monitoring leverages existing authentication methods, providing dynamic API rate limiting with zero development effort. For native applications, Distil offers an SDK that generates a unique fingerprint tied to the device where the application resides.

Behavioral Modeling and Machine Learning – Machine-learning algorithms pinpoint behavioral anomalies specific to each site’s unique traffic patterns. Self optimizing algorithms improve bot detection and mitigation without manual configuration.

Ease of Use & Administration – Minimal impact on day-to-day IT operations. Protected websites can be modified without the need to contact Distil. Set it and forget it or fine-tune settings with complete visibility over false positives.

How we are different

- Distil not only blocks bad bots without affecting legitimate users, but provides valuable insight. Distil delivers complete visibility and control over human, good bot and bad bot traffic. Users can view threats by country, organization and traps in order to block offending IPs, countries and competitors.

- In November, Distil announced the bot detection industry’s first Hi-def fingerprinting solution, going beyond IP- and header-centric identification by actively pulling data from the browser to identify devices with precision.

- Distil is flexible with deployment options. Whether through a Cloud CDN or an appliance, it is able to support an organization’s bot detection and mitigation needs based on what works best for the customer. While many solutions require changes to underlying infrastructure, Distil integrates seamlessly, saving additional time and money.