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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Easy Solutions
Company size (employees)200+
Type of solutionSoftware

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1. DMARC Compass enables organizations to quickly achieve the utility of a trusted, more secure email communications channel as an integrated part of their ongoing fraud monitoring and threat mitigation intelligence capabilities.
2. Over 2 billion email inboxes (receivers), including 80% of typical US email users, already support DMARC, which gives email senders and receivers crucial data to verify legitimate emails and prevent the rest from ever getting to an inbox. The big challenge is now getting email senders to adopt DMARC. To date, organizations have only had highly costly options to help them deploy DMARC. With DMARC Compass, Easy Solutions is making it simpler and more cost-effective for them to take advantage of this specification.
3. DMARC Compass provides a single pane of glass to view all analytics on email associated with a specific domain.


DMARC, which stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance,” enables email receivers to authenticate legitimate messages and exchange information with email senders about how to handle unauthenticated messages (monitor, quarantine or delete). With DMARC Compass by Easy Solutions, enterprises can leverage this intelligence to clearly understand where phishing attacks originate and shut them down in a faster, more targeted manner. DMARC Compass allows organizations to increase their visibility over authorized e-mail campaigns and ensure third-party organizations sending e-mails on their behalf are accounted for.
With DMARC Compass, organizations can:
• view analytics on all sent email associated with a specified domain
• deny phishers and spammers the ability to spoof a company’s domain
• identify configuration errors, missing authentication and unauthorized 3rd- party senders
• reduce attack takedown times through the proactive identification of new threats
• enable DMARC readiness workflow via web-based gap analysis

Features of DMARC Compass include:
• Cloud-Based Service: It requires no hardware or software to install and is entirely based in the cloud. It is live and operational immediately.
• Integrates with Detect Monitoring Service for Rapid Threat Takedown: Combined with Detect Monitoring Service, it provides organizations with an integrated, proactive fraud intelligence and takedown service to proactively combat fraud.
• Powerful Real-Time Analytics and Reporting: Its intuitive portal allows administrators to follow up on the results of SPF and DKIM validation tests as they are happening. An array of dynamic charts and graphs provide users with an instant snapshot of an organization’s current DMARC compliance as well as detailed reporting and analytics that examine the emails an organization sends across all of their domains.
• Policy Builder to Prepare for Full DMARC Deployment: Its integrated policy generation tools allow organizations to quickly and easily migrate to global blocking of fraudulent emails to ensure that customers only receive genuine messages from the sender.

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