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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope


DRACOON is the Enterprise Filesharing market leader in the German-speaking region and is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in Germany. Our vision is a world free of data abuse. The topic “data security” moves us everywhere and everytime. Therefore, we are creating an intuitive, universally connective and visionary Enterprise File Platform developed on Security by Design as principle for all people, companies, institutions and machines to gain data self-determination. The highly secure, platform-independent software is available as a cloud, hybrid and on-premises version and has been named ‘leader‘ by independent top analysts such as ISG. Various certifications such as ISO 27001 and ULD attest DRACOON’s highest security standards. Our software is based on the principle of privacy by design. We tailor our solution to the needs of our customers and support them in their daily challenges. Our interfaces ensure open communication between all systems in use, allowing us to efficiently and securely manage the processes connected to the company. The stored data is already encrypted on the client side (end-to-end) – thus we provide maximum data security. DRACOON was developed in Germany and is subject to the strict German data protection laws. We help companies to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation. With DRACOON, we provide a democratic tool that ensures that the protection of sensitive data can actually be upheld. With our solution, we increase productivity in all departments and thus make a major contribution to digitalization.

How we are different

DRACOON's universal API offers a broad array of application fields, ranging from data exchange and workflow integration over email communication to the complete modernization of file services.
DRACOON users benefit from the highest available encryption standards plus `Zero knowledge. As only triple security is really safe, we made sure that DRACOON features integrated Triple-Crypt Technology, with three-fold encryption: client-side, during transmission, and on the server. Our Client-side encryption provides maximum data security because the data is encrypted end-to-end, providing secure protection against attacks. The integrated reporting tool indicates when which data was processed. The user does not have to leave the usual path when saving his data, because DRACOON can also be integrated as an additional drive. Thus, data can be easily stored and edited while being backed up at all times in the background.
Our company developed an individual right management, which creates the possibility of time limits for data, but also for users. Access rights can be assigned easily and individually to internal employees as well as external stakeholders. This ensures that certain people can only read and others can edit and delete data. As a result, the customer’s IT department retains organizational sovereignty, but has no read and write access to critical personal data. Our Secure Private Room function enables you to create password protected data spaces for individuals or groups, which guarantees a secure exchange of data. This way it offers the possibility to be adapted to each company’s indivual requirements regarding their employees‘ user rights and permissions, to assure Data ownership stays with the customer.