Dtex Advanced User Behavior Intelligence Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Dtex Systems
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware

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- The Dtex Platform is advanced user behavior intelligence that provides enterprise organizations with the critical intelligence that will help them detect and prevent insider-related breaches and, as a result, save organizations millions of dollars.
- The Dtex Platform is used by enterprises worldwide, including companies such as Allianz, Aston Martin Racing, Eni/Saipem, Mizuho Bank and Sanyo.
- In February 2017, the Dtex Platform was recognized as the Leader in Insider Threat Detection by Cyber Defense Magazine.

Brief Overview

Insider threats continue to pose a major risk in the modern cybersecurity landscape. To detect and prevent insider threats, enterprises need visibility and intelligence into user behavior.

Negligent users unintentionally risk security by attempting to find convenient productivity solutions, misunderstanding security practices, or through human error. Employees with malicious intent try to steal sensitive data or intellectual property. Advanced user behavior intelligence can catch these users, even when they are trying to cover their tracks, by identifying and alerting on behaviors that indicate a user may be trying to bypass company network controls or extract proprietary data. By using the industry’s most comprehensive library of thousands of known user threat behavior patterns, advanced risk modeling and combined risk scoring, Dtex enables security teams to determine exactly how sensitive data and valuable IP left the organization and who perpetrated the attack without excessive false positives.

The Dtex Advanced Behavior Intelligence Platform is scalable enough to be deployed enterprise-wide without negative impact to network performance. It provides complete visibility into everything users do on their work devices – on and off the corporate network – without compromising user privacy. In addition to the thousands of already known patterns of bad behavior, the analytics engine quickly establishes baseline individual user patterns and gives actionable, contextual alerts when anomalies are found. Dtex, helps eliminate insider threats, protect against outside infiltrators, and find gaps in existing security controls.

Dtex is a unique solution. It is lighter and more visibility-focused than DLP, cuts through the noise more effectively than SIEM, and bases its analytics on endpoint visibility that most out-of-the-box UEBA solutions are blind to. It’s the combination of thorough endpoint visibility and intelligent, adaptive analytics that is perfectly poised to fill the gaps and weaknesses of other security systems.