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Company size (employees)67
Headquarters RegionNorth America


The rise of BYOD and increased adoption of cloud-based applications makes modern enterprises more vulnerable than ever to insider threats. Employees frequently work off-network from home or public locations using portable devices such as laptops and cell phones. As a result, it is impossible to monitor user behavior from the network perimeter and account for every risky scenario – opening the door to numerous ways users can steal or accidentally jeopardize valuable company IP. Enterprises need to find and stop insider threats from the point closest to the user itself: the endpoint.

Currently used by over 60 global customers, including Aston Martin Racing, Eni/Saipem and Allianz, Dtex Systems disrupts the security market with its innovative solution that combines endpoint-based user visibility with adaptive analytics to detect data breaches, insider threats and outsider infiltration. The Dtex User Threat Platform can catch malicious users who attempt to extract data from the company network. At the same time, Dtex adheres to strict global privacy and compliance laws – collecting data in the form of metadata and anonymizing it to protect employees. If there is a breach, Dtex uses powerful forensic capabilities to determine how sensitive data and valuable IP left the organization, and who is responsible.

In 2016, Dtex continued to achieve impressive company milestones, such as:
–Being named a 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor in UEBA, Fraud Detection and User Authentication.
–Releasing a new study with Ponemon Institute that revealed the cost of insider threats to enterprises. It highlights the need to focus not only on malicious users, but also on negligent users – a group who cost organizations an average of $2.3 million annually.
–Making key investments to the executive team, including hiring Christy Wyatt as CEO. Dtex also named co-founder Mohan Koo as CTO and Bahman Mahbod as COO.

How we are different

–Dtex Systems is trusted by more than 60 enterprises around the world including Aston Martin Racing, Eni/Saipem and Allianz.
–In 2016, Dtex Systems was named a Cool Vendor in UEBA, Fraud Detection and User Authentication by Gartner – validating the company’s unique capabilities, continued growth and product innovation.
–Dtex Systems has invested in a strong executive leadership team. In 2016, it appointed experienced CEO Christy Wyatt as its new CEO. The company also named co-founder Mohan Koo as CTO and Bahman Mahbod as COO – two key moves that will enable Dtex to continue to innovate on both the product and business side of the organization.