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Company size (employees)100
Headquarters RegionNorth America


E Com Security Solutions with the largest highly skilled cyber security research and Incident response team delivers the independent expertise, experience and perspective you need to enhance Organization’s security posture, reduce your risk, facilitate compliance and improve your operational efficiency. The Team includes Respected authors, researchers, government policy contributors, patent holders and open-source developers

E Com Security Solutions is trusted by clients in more than 70 countries
to manage their information security infrastructure. The Clientele includes VISA / Master Card, SAP, Vodafone, Peugeot, Thomas Cook, Bayer Healthcare, Unilever, Mancri, etc.

Cyber Security Research team that provide expert Support from Certified Security Professionals who bring many years of security experience to provide Organization with unlimited and un metered guidance and support. Expertise and comment regularly leveraged by media

Incident Response team have responded to incidents including direct hacks, denial-of-service attacks and social engineering and phishing schemes.

Our globally spread Data Centers ensure fastest turn around time of results to accelerate your security program and globally located SOC’s to provide your Organization with unlimited and un metered guidance and support

How we are different

We Are Fanatical About Service Execution

1. Global Presence
Our globally spread Data Centers ensure fastest turn around time of results to accelerate your security program

2. Comprehensive Reporting
Comprehensive reporting for Executive and Technical leadership teams with Actionable strategic and tactical recommendations. Image & Video based demonstrations of exploits will be presented for precise understanding of threats to Developers.

3. Customer Portal
Intuitive dashboard to Capture, track, and resolve security issues and to share evidences, documents and discuss your team's files in one place

4. Security Operations Center
Equipped with most advanced technology that is paired with Custom / Proprietary tools, which delivers more value across every engagement

5. Zero False Positives
Highly accurate assessments that are verified to provide accurate results with elimination of false positives.

6. Cloud Based Solution
Clients get started right away without the need to deploy hardware or software.

7. Vast Coverage
Greater width of supported technologies and breadth of vulnerability coverage

8. End-to-End Managed
Leverage the expertise of our security experts to manage the security assurance program.

9. Recurrent Tests
Maintenance tests included in all the plans that will re-evaluate findings, to provide evidence of remediation.