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Company size (employees)50 - 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


E8 Security was founded by one of the pioneers in behavioral analytics, Ravi Devireddy, who built his own security analytics tools while working for a financial services firm to better detect and hunt for threats that had gotten past perimeter defenses. That customer perspective and sense of understanding the challenges of cybersecurity is inherent in E8’s vision and mission to fix security operations.

What makes E8 Security the best cybersecurity startup, aside from the product and the problems it solves, are its people and the environment they create that fosters ingenuity, driven by understanding customer challenges. The company has achieved a culture of collaborative innovation, where employees work hard and smart because they’re motivated and driven. Because of these employees, in a just over a year, not only has the company doubled in size, but E8 Security has become a leader in Behavioral Analytics – transforming the way security operations teams detect, hunt for, and respond to hidden threats inside their organizations.

E8 Security is well-positioned to surpass its competitors in the user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) space — having received its Series B investment of $12 million in October 2016, bringing total funding to date to $21.8 million. The company has produced revolutionary new features that enable security operations teams to break through daily obstacles they’ve had to live with for a long time.

How we are different

- E8 Security’s roots in security operations as customers, themselves, compels the company’s focus on addressing customer needs.

- E8 Security’s inventiveness in solving problems that have plagued security operations teams for years, drives it's relevance in the market and increasing popularity with customers.

- E8 Security’s has more than doubled its growth in both size and revenue in less than a year, as well as secured its Series B investment.