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Company size (employees)50
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In spite of all the new prevention technologies deployed at the perimeter, the data center, on endpoints, etc., breaches still occur. It’s not because IT directors haven’t subscribed to the best prevention technologies, or because security analysts aren’t skilled – it’s because security operations, as a whole, is fundamentally broken. Before analysts can even get started, they’re placed into an environment that doesn’t allow them to succeed in their mission to defend the organization. They either have too much or not enough data, and no way to quickly prioritize or find correlations between alerts. These analysts are in a perpetually-changing digital environment, leaving them at a constant disadvantage. E8 Security’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform helps to fix security operations, transforming it from its reactive position, rife with inefficiencies, to a highly effective team equipped with the right data to protect and defend. By converging a company’s own network, endpoint, and user data on a Hadoop data lake, E8 Security’s technology understands when threats are present by the way they impact the resources around them. The type of threat and the tactics used may change, but threats will always cause network traffic, endpoint functions, and user activity to behave in ways different from that of legitimate business. E8 enables security operations teams to filter through the noise and instantly notice when a critical threat is present, the users and devices that are affected, and the other alerts in their queue that are related, so analysts can act quickly and effectively.

How we are different

- E8 Security uses an inside-out approach to threat detection, different from other detection techniques, that focuses on the subtle disruptions threats have on resources and patterns within the organization.

- E8 Security has done away with rules and policies through its use of machine learning and behavior modeling, which allows it to self-learn what the customer environment is supposed to be doing versus what it’s actually doing, without requiring constant maintenance as the environment changes.

- E8 Security’s approach is future-proofed to identify threats inside the organization, regardless of new tactics or vectors used, and drastically improves the way security operations teams protect and defend the organization, allowing them to overcome hurdles that were previously insurmountable.