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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope


Since our launch in 2015, EclecticIQ has:
* Launched EclecticIQ Platform (Q4-2015), the analyst-centric Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP). This on-premise software application is for mature organizations such as banks and central governments and supports a wide variety of Cyber Threat Intelligence use cases, and IT Security integrations. It’s the only TIP built on the STIX/TAXII standard.
* Launched EclecticIQ Fusion Center (Q2-2017), a service that enables customers to receive just a single source of tailored cyber threat intelligence, from leading suppliers. This service is for organizations with their own intelligence teams and for those with only a SOC.
* Raised the largest Series-A investment in Europe for Cyber Security technology companies (€5.5 mio)
* Generated multi-million euros of revenues through long-term contracts.
* Built a geographical presence through own offices (UK, US) and local partners (AU, NZ, IL, SG).

How we are different

1- EclecticIQ Threat Intelligence Platform is uniquely capable of meeting the complex organizational, compliance, standard-supporting, legal and scalability requirements from governments and regulated industries.
2- EclecticIQ Fusion Center not only replaces complex legal and purchasing issues through a single and flexible contract, but also adds analytical value specifically for geographies and industries. This saves threat analysts significant amount of mundane work.
3- EclecticIQ focusses on customers with mature threat intelligence practices with an interest in strategic, persistent and complex threats.